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Kendrick Shope

More than doubled business to over $1 Million in a year with Ali…

“In March 2015, I hired Ali Brown for a plan to hit 7 figures. What I received over the following year was not only that, but genius from the leading expert in running a profitable business that doesn’t leave me feeling worn down and overworked.

During that year, my business more than DOUBLED from less than half-a-million in revenue to *7 figures*.  I increased my list of prospects by 500%. And I’m now confident I know what I need to do to hit $5 million in revenue.”

Kendrick Shope, creator of Authentic Selling

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Adda Birnir

Broke into 7-figures during her year of coaching with Ali…

“During my year with Ali, I broke through the 7-figure mark… nearly tripling our revenues. I also made some key hires (and fires) and worked on systems that are priming us for more fast growth. What I love about Ali as a coach is she digs deep into your “why” and “how”, and then helps you navigate through the waters and become a stronger leader who makes better decisions every time. I highly recommend working with Ali if you want personal attention and advisory to take your business to the next level.”

Adda Birnir, Founder & CEO

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Barbara Stanny

DOUBLED her revenues, increased her NET income by 400%, made $60K with one idea Ali gave her, and had her first near-6-figure MONTH…

“I made more money in the first six months of working with Ali then I did in the last two years combined. I’ve had many coaches over my career, but I’ve never EVER gotten such dramatic results so quickly as I’ve had with Ali…and it’s been such a pleasurable experience. Ali is amazing because she really honors who you are, and helps you create results and impact in your own way.

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Wendy Powell

“After I started working with Ali, I had my best sales month ever at $100K, and then hit the $1 Million mark! I am catapulting my business and life to a whole new level. Ali is intuitive, her business mind is proven and super-focused, she doesn’t work to some formula, and she gently but powerfully steers me in all the right directions. You need to be truly ready for this level of coaching, and when you are, you’ll want to work with Ali.”

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Margarita McClure

Increased revenues by $194,000, improved marketing systems and team, and loves who Ali attracts…

“Since hiring Ali to be my business coach and advisor, our revenues have increased by over $194,000, our net profit went up 56%, our marketing is now more systematized, we’ve made critical team changes, and we’ve invested in a new leap of technology that will give us an incredible new income stream added on to our current business. I’ve also been impressed with the quality of the entrepreneurs in the small group she assembles—these are serious women with serious businesses…no newbies.

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Doreen Rainey

“Ali has been my go-to coach at every stage of my business.”

“Ali has been my go-to coach at every stage of my business. Most recently, we had a VIP day where I got crystal clear on moving my brand to the next level, including outlining a brand new mastermind for those ready to define success for themselves and get the guts to go after it. Ali’s insights and business knowledge allows her to truly see the unique possibilities in your business and that leads to higher revenues and increases the bottom line.”

Doreen Rainey, Radical Success Coach & VP, Operations, Transformation Division, Steve Harvey World Group
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Marie Forleo

DOUBLED income that year, and today makes MILLIONS online…

“The year I worked with Ali was the year all my talents and efforts finally came together into a true business. I created a powerful new brand and structured enterprise that more than DOUBLED my income that year. And that included one day during which I literally made $30,000 in one HOUR. Today, I have a multi-million dollar, Inc-500 ranked company. If you’re ready to take an already successful business to the next level, you must work with Ali Brown!”

Marie Forleo, Creator of Award-Winning Marie TV and B-School
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Angelique Rewers

My strategy work with Ali was nothing short of amazing; it truly transformed my business (and my life)…

“My work with Ali was nothing short of amazing; it truly transformed my business (and my life) in enormous ways. In just a few short hours, we mapped out a powerful new platform for my million-dollar business, a fool-proof leveraged income plan, an exciting new brand, and marketing and sales strategies. But she also coached me on my mindset and positioning to help me think and play BIGGER immediately. In fact, in the first six months, I earned more than I did in all of the previous year, or any prior year.”

Angelique Rewers, “The Corporate Agent”
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Kendall Summerhawk

Working with Ali took revenues to over $2 MILLION…

“The value of Ali’s advice and coaching along with the quality of the powerful private group she put together was a transformational experience. We learned strategies that helped us leverage the powerful programs we already had, taking our revenues to well over $2 million. Today, our enterprise generates multiple millions of dollars a year while empowering coaches and solo-professionals to step into their brilliance. And we are loving our business. If you have the chance to work with Ali, just do it!

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Lisa Sasevich

Took company from $100K a year to $2.2 MILLION within a year…

“When I met Ali, I had a strong sales background and a best-selling ebook on making Irresistible Offers that was doing over $100K a year, but I knew there was a higher level to achieve, and investing in myself via her coaching was the way. During our year of working together, I put myself into massive-action mode, and skyrocketed my revenues to over $2.2 MILLION. If you want to make a 7-figure shift in your business, I highly recommend you work with Ali.”

Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion”
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