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Jessica Herrin of Stella & Dot on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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Meet the *billion-dollar* founder & CEO who still admits there are some nights you have to get over being supermom and just feed your family the supermarket chicken. That was just one of the chuckles Jessica Herrin and I had on this fantastic, fresh conversation on Glambition Radio. (This is her second time on the show, too!)

If you don’t know this amazing woman who leads the jewelry direct sales phenomenon Stella & Dot, get ready to be very, very impressed. Her new book, “Find Your Extraordinary”, is out, and I have to say it’s an absolute must-read for women.

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“Safe is the New Risk”—Glambition Radio Episode #10 with Ali Brown


If you’ve listened to just a few of the interviews with amazing women we’ve had so far on Glambition Radio, I hope you’ve detected they have one powerful trait in common.

These gals took RISKS to get where they are.

They didn’t overthink things, or think “who am I to be doing this?” or fret and flop around worrying about how they would fit this in their life, how they’d do this along with motherhood, etc.

They got excited about their idea, did the research they needed, got the help they needed, and went for it.

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Jessica Herrin, Founder & CEO of Stella & Dot, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

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Remember back when the Avon lady knocked on your door, or your neighbor invited you to a Tupperware party? Well, Jessica Herrin has taken that old-school direct sales model, updated it for today’s woman, wooed over 30,000 gals from all over the world to work it, and has grown it into a $450 million+ company. (Yes, you read that right. In fact, some sources estimate it will hit a BILLION dollars in a few short years.)
As the founder and CEO of Stella & Dot, a “social selling” jewelry and accessories company, Jessica reinvented and redefined the merchandising industry in a way that helps women entrepreneurs balance life and work.

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