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High End Networking Secrets on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

‘High-End Networking Secrets’ (Replay) — Glambition Radio Episode 122 with Ali Brown

In this encore episode you’ll get my best tips on how and when to get out and network in person. If you’ve been hiding behind your computer screen in your sweatpants and wondering why your business has stalled, then this week’s Glambition Radio replay is for you.

You can have the best product or service and a gorgeous website, but if you’re not putting yourself out there and meeting others in person, you are really doing yourself a disservice.

I was inspired to originally record this previous episode of Glambition Radio after attending three incredible events in a row: the Forbes Women’s Summit, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network event, and the United Nations Foundation Global Accelerator.

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Cindy Whitehead on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Cindy Whitehead, Founder of The Pink Ceiling and Former CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals — Glambition Radio Episode 121 with Ali Brown

She created Addyi, the first FDA-approved drug for women with low libidos, dubbed by the media as “the female Viagra”, and sold the company that created it —Sprout Pharmaceuticals — for $1 BILLION. And now, Cindy Whitehead isn’t slowing down. She’s created the Pink Ceiling… a venture to help more women focused businesses get the funding they need to skyrocket like she did.

A fitting name given Cindy’s signature pink outfits and matching lipstick — the new company is a cross between a VC firm, a ‘pinkubator’ and a consulting enterprise. Her mission is to mentor, invest in, launch.

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Suzy Batiz, Founder & CEO of Poo~Pourri — Glambition Radio Episode 120 with Ali Brown

She ignored her instincts and looked outside herself for happiness for the first four decades of her life. But overriding her intuition led to domestic abuse, failed businesses, and bankruptcy. It was Suzy Batiz’s second bankruptcy at age 40 that propelled her on a spiritual quest, where she rediscovered tapping into her own higher power for creativity and ideas.

It took her nine months to start Poo~Pourri — the ‘before-you-go’ toilet spray — and it was a slow beginning (she had to beg people people to take the product!). A year later she did $1 million in revenue, mostly by word of mouth.

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Taryn Brumfitt, Founder of the Body Image Movement & Creator of the ‘Embrace’ film — Glambition Radio Episode 119 with Ali Brown

Taryn Brumfitt had no idea by sharing a non-traditional “before and after” image online to give her girlfriends a boost of self-acceptance would get so much attention. On the left, a posed and ripped Taryn in a bikini. On the right, a naked and plumper Taryn, completely comfortable in her own skin. The 2013 post initially generated over 100,000,000 views, her inbox was immediately flooded with thousands of emails, worldwide media began blowing up her phone, and by default, her Global Body Image movement was launched. This past year, her documentary EMBRACE was released as well, and we’ve got the full story on this week’s Glambition Radio.

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Alison Lumbatis, Founder & CEO of & — Glambition Radio Episode 118 with Ali Brown

Meet the Texas mom who went from telecom engineer to online style maven, by starting a simple blog that’s now on track to be a 7-figure business as it’s expanding into new platforms and markets.

After working in a male-dominated field for 14 years, Alison Lumbatis had had enough and wanted to spend more time with her two kids while she considered a new career. There was only one problem: She didn’t know what to wear when she wasn’t working!

When she realized she was falling into a rut of yoga pants and feeling frumpy, she looked for advice on how to feel a bit more pulled together.

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Heather Dominick on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Heather Dominick, Founder of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement — Glambition Radio Episode 117 with Ali Brown

About 20% of the population are born “highly sensitive”. Once Heather Dominick realized she was one of them, she also identified the way she was growing her business was completely unaligned with who she was. Because the vast majority of coaching and training programs were designed for the other 80%, and her work with those coaches drove her to overwhelm, exhaustion, and even health problems.

She also realized there were many women like her, who had incredible gifts to share as coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs who were seeking training that WAS aligned.

So Heather started the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) movement.

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Lenore Skenazy on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Lenore Skenazy, Founder of the Free-Range Kids Movement — Glambition Radio Episode 116 with Ali Brown

After her column “Why I Let My 9 Year Old Ride the Subway Alone” landed her on every talk show from The Today Show to Dr. Phil (who debated her status as “America’s Worst Mom”), Lenore Skenazy found herself in the unique position of kicking off the Free-Range Kids movement. Among a ton of new fans, and also a lot of haters.

Listen up: Crime rates today are the lowest they’ve been since 1963, so why are parents feeling so torn about letting their kids walk to school, ride their bikes, take the bus, or play ball in the park by themselves?

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Squatty Potty, financial power, and stepping into your destiny…

Have you caught the latest episodes of my Glambition® Radio? Time to download some free and instant on-the-go advice, inspiration, and revelation for the upcoming holiday weekend!

I’m honored the show has now been recognized by both Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines as a must listen podcast for entrepreneurs. And this show is also my favorite venture of all time.

These latest 6 episodes share the powerful stories of these amazing women founders, creators, and leaders. Keep reading below for descriptions…

You can listen to them here or download right now, for free.

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Judy Edwards, Creator of Squatty Potty — Glambition Radio Episode 115 with Ali Brown

You’ve seen the infamous pooping unicorn ad. You’ve heard people talking about how it’s changed their lives. You may own one—or several—like I do. But you won’t TRULY understand how the Squatty Potty has become such a product phenomenon—nearing $100 MILLION in sales—until you hear this conversation I had with its creator Judy Edwards.

At age 60, this mom of seven (!!!) had the idea for a proper-pooping positioning stool after years of health issues. Along with her husband and son,they started in 2011 with a simple wood prototype they put together in their neighbor’s garage.

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Claire Zammit of Feminine Power & Evolving Wisdom — Glambition Radio Episode 114 with Ali Brown

Do you feel as if your “song” is still unsung? A calling to BE more and DO more for the world? Even if you’ve already been developing yourself and your career for years? Then Claire Zammit is a woman you need to meet, and you need to hear this episode of Glambition Radio as soon as possible. Because there’s a profound awakening happening for millions of women like us, and Claire is the one who is leading us through it.


Claire got to a point in her life where in spite of all her success, or what others might have thought how great her life looked, she felt like she was missing out on her larger calling.

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