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Lauren Zander on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Lauren Zander, Creator of the Handel Method — Glambition Radio Episode 154 with Ali Brown

Lauren Zander (formerly Handel) started her career the same as many of us did — she took a desk job straight out of college, wanting to save the world. She hated the job, but she discovered that she had a knack for helping people solve their problems, so she began coaching people through their struggles. But there is a lot to Lauren’s story of growth, both on the business and personal side. She shares it all, along with her powerful advice, on this episode of Glambition Radio.

I have Lauren walk me through the beginning of how she started and grew her multimillion-dollar firm, as well as what comprises her groundbreaking methodology, The Handel Method®, which teaches clients to ‘hack into their own mainframe to redesign their life’.

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The Stuff We Dont Talk About on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’ — Glambition Radio Episode 153 with Ali Brown

We’re doing something different this week with a SHOW FLIP! A few weeks ago I appeared as a guest on my client Eleanor Beaton’s ‘Fierce Feminine Leadership’ podcast, and we got into such juicy stuff, I wanted to make sure you heard it right here. And here it is.

I am calling this episode ‘The Stuff We Don’t Talk About’, because it delves into much of the unspoken things we deal with as our success accelerates faster and reaches higher.

On this #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear us rant on topics such as:

* How too much information and too many courses are screwing with everyone’s heads and making them overthink everything with their business—and locking them into outdated models and revenue caps

* Why I decided to shut down many of my large training programs a few years ago, and instead dedicate time and space to get ‘reoriented’ back into my true genius work

* How Eleanor unbelievably got HATERS after explaining on her blog how she delegates email to an assistant.

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Zainab Salbi on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Zainab Salbi, Activist + Author of “Freedom is an Inside Job” — Glambition Radio Episode 152 with Ali Brown

Activist and social entrepreneur Zainab Salbi has dedicated her life to helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives and communities. As a victim herself of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s abuse, Zainab immigrated to the U.S., and at only 23 she founded Women for Women International.

But here’s why I REALLY wanted to have her on the show… Despite an incredibly impactful career helping women find their freedom, Zainab didn’t feel free herself. In creating and growing this huge mission, her role within the organization had become ‘her own monster’.

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Christy Whitman on Glambition Radio Episode 151 with Ali Brown

Christy Whitman, Coach + Author of ‘Quantum Success’ — Glambition Radio Episode 151 with Ali Brown

My guest this week used to be unhappy in just about every area of her life. She was 30 pounds overweight, nearly $60,000 in debt working a job she hated, and she believed, like most do, that if her external circumstances shifted, she’d finally be happy. But she discovered it was actually time to look inward.

And that led Christy Whitman on a trajectory of not only changing her life, but becoming a renowned transformational coach and two-time New York Times best-selling author. If you’re feeling in a “rut” with your business (or within yourself!), this #GlambitionRadio episode is a must listen!

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Petra Kolber on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Petra Kolber, Author of The Perfection Detox + Fitness Expert — Glambition Radio Episode 150 with Ali Brown

It was 1996. The Macarena was in full swing. Prince Charles and Princess Diana finalized their divorce. Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise debuted in theaters worldwide. And Reebok STEP was in full fitness force. I know because I was an instructor. And when I first moved to New York, I mailed a letter to this fantastic British woman I’d seen in the STEP videos. Her name was Petra Kolber. I wanted to see if—by some crazy chance—she’d be willing to have coffee with little ol’ Ali Brown, as I was considering teaching classes in the city.

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Angelique Rewers on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Angelique Rewers, CEO of The Corporate Agent — Glambition Radio Episode 149 with Ali Brown

After pulling all-nighters in her job at a global corporate consulting firm, a major hospitalization woke up Angelique Rewers to seek her own path. Her first step was launching her own boutique agency. But today, as The Corporate Agent, she mentors entrepreneurs from around the world helping them land corporate contracts. She’s sharing her journey on the show today, step by step. And I’m honored that on this episode of #GlambitionRadio, Angelique also reveals how pivotal my coaching was during that big transition she made. (In some ways I didn’t even realize until our conversation today.)

Angelique and her team have trained and mentored more than 3,500 start-ups and self-employed professionals across 72+ countries in how to land and work with corporate clients.

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Sheri Salata on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Sheri Salata, Former President of Oprah Winfrey Network + Harpo — Glambition Radio Episode 148 with Ali Brown

Sheri Salata had a dream job that many would kill for — a 20-year exhilarating career serving as Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, and later as the Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. On this #GlambitionRadio episode, I first have Sheri walk us through how she landed her dream job with Oprah. (She explains how it was destiny.) And then, why she recently decided to make the biggest ‘exit’ of her life. You’ll love how real and delightful she is in sharing the juicy details of this story.

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Amanda Tress on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Amanda Tress, Founder of FASTer Way To Fat Loss  — Glambition Radio Episode 147 with Ali Brown

You’re about to hear an insightful interview from one of my top clients. But on this show you’re going to hear a very personal story from me, Ali Brown, of how I lost 25 pounds over the last three months, and it was easier and more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. (Have a peek at

Since having my twins, I kind of settled into my new weight, thinking I would have to suffer incredibly to get back toward my previous size, so I wasn’t interested in any of it.

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Kim Lyons on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Kim Lyons, Celebrity Trainer + Founder of Bionic Body — Glambition Radio Episode 146 with Ali Brown

You know her as a star trainer on ‘The Biggest Loser’, founder of the Bionic Body brand (sold nationwide including in Target), and an all-around famous fitness inspiration. But did you know that Kim Lyons’ secret to success was… failure? Yes. On Glambition Radio, she shares the REAL story of how she went from flight school(!) graduate to personal trainer to NBC primetime and then creator of her own destiny with her own brand and mission.

I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve had on #GlambitionRadio, because Kim didn’t hesitate to share the things we REALLY want to know… like how the Biggest Loser opportunity happened, what it was truly like, how she felt when she wasn’t asked back for a third season, what made her decide to create her own line of products (her answer may surprise you), and how she’s feeling more excited than ever at age 45… breaking into the true destiny of her career and brand.

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‘The Keys to Becoming ICONIC’ on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

‘The Keys to Becoming ICONIC’ — Glambition Radio Episode 145 with Ali Brown

Today I’m handing you a sneak preview of the content I’ll be leading at my upcoming workshop, ‘ICONIC with Ali Brown’, happening in Phoenix on November 7+8. (Learn more at And I want you to listen closely… the advice enclosed within is CRITICAL to hear for those of you who are beyond the beginning years of your business.

In past episodes, I’ve addressed the online insanity and overflowing market saturation and noise we’re encountering in most every industry. And in this show, I’m going to show you how to not only position yourself way beyond that mess, but also how to start feeling into the powerful next chapter of your career.

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