Summer 2020 Preview + Journal Giveaway — Glambition® Radio Episode 212 with Ali Brown

Summer 2020 Journal Giveaway on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

This week’s show is a quick one, containing a BIG thank you for my listeners, including your chance to grab a lovely custom Glambition Radio journal, and also previews of a few of our fantastic guests we’ve got coming up this summer. (One of them is a household name and a ton of fun!)

Re. the giveaway… These journals are a limited edition of only 50 and they are *first come, first served*, so if you’re interested come have a listen now.

The show will give you a brief overview (and reveal those special surprise guests coming up), so listen first, and THEN go to for the full details (including a photo of the journals) and how to submit your entry. 🙂

We hope to see your review come through soon and to get a journal in the mail for you!

Thank you so much for helping this show become everything I dreamed it would. And I’ll be back next week with a fantastic new episode!





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