Stacy Tuschl, Founder of The Foot Traffic Formula — Glambition Radio Episode 190 with Ali Brown
 - Ali Brown

Stacy Tuschl, Founder of The Foot Traffic Formula — Glambition Radio Episode 190 with Ali Brown

She couldn’t have predicted that the free, summertime dance program she hosted in her parents’ backyard would one day evolve into multiple 7-figure companies, a best-selling book, and a wildly popular business podcast. But it laid the foundation of learning to grow ‘real’ businesses at a profit and create assets that would last a lifetime.

Bestselling author, speaker, and founder of The Foot Traffic Formula, Stacy Tuschl has mastered the art of steady, strategic business growth and diversification by supporting one big priority with a multitude of revenue streams. By seamlessly incorporating small business opportunities into larger assets, Stacy has constructed a business empire that continues to expand and support brick-and-mortar businesses across the world.

On, Stacy shares the strategies that allow her to allocate precious energy and resources to business decisions that produce the best return — and make the most sense for long-term growth and impact — both personally and professionally.

On this week’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

* The ‘unsexy’ but powerful secrets that initiate massive business growth — and why you shouldn’t use them all at once
* The foolproof — and free — tool that ensures hiring staff for positions they’re inherently built for (you can’t afford to not give this a try…)
* How to reach a space of non-competition by avoiding ‘shiny object syndrome’ — and leveraging your unique expertise
* Why debunking this ‘default’ excuse reveals crucial client insights — and how to rally your team around the cause
I’ve been so impressed with Stacy since I had the honor of having her as a client last year, and I’m excited for you to hear some of her best advice and wisdom.

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