Raegan Moya-Jones, Founder of Aden+Anais and Author of ‘What It Takes’ — Glambition Radio Episode 166 with Ali Brown

Raegan Moya-Jones on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

After building her $100-million baby blanket company from the ground up, Raegan Moya-Jones had forever changed the lives of parents of newborns. Even infant Prince George was seen wearing one of Raegan’s swaddles at his first royal appearance!

But then last year, after taking on new VC partners, she was abruptly fired… from her own company. In this powerfully candid episode of Glambition Radio, Raegan doesn’t hold back. She opens up about the pain of having no say in the business she founded, her humble background, and her exciting new venture (it’s quite a pivot from baby blankets!).

She shares how and where she found the money to build her company, how she juggled working full-time and parenting four daughters while growing the business, plus what happened when she made what she calls ‘the single biggest mistake I’ve ever made.’

Raegan tells these stories and more in her brand-new book, ‘What It Takes: How I Built a $100 Million Business Against the Odds’. The book offers open and honest insight into the thrill and heartbreak of building a wildly successful business.

On #GlambitionRadio, we discuss:

*How the biggest mistake of her life cost Raegan her business

*The emotional trauma of being fired… from her own company. (Plus what it feels like to have your family’s money tied up in a business you don’t control)

*How Raegan trusted her intuition as she built her $100 million empire — despite having no formal education, family money or connections

*The problem with how most private equity investors define ‘success’ and ‘failure’

*When she finally confronted her husband about the ‘second-shift’ she was working alone to take care of their daughters (and why she enabled it for so long)

*The challenges of parenting four teenage girls (and why she’s glad she built her business when they were young)

*Her latest business venture, and why it’s a dramatic pivot from her last one (Hint: it’s literally moonshine!)

I could talk with Raegan all day, and I know her candor, humor, and integrity will inspire you as much as it does me.

Head to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). Make sure to get a copy of Raegan’s latest book, ‘What It Takes: How I Built a $100 Million Business Against the Odds’, wherever books are sold.

Xo Ali

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