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Every week, join Ali and her top-tier guests for a different conversation: powerful interviews with today’s top entrepreneurs, iconic thought leaders, passionate business builders, and catalysts of change. Glambition® Radio is the only show of its kind of women entrepreneurs and leaders.


    ‘The False Gods of Your Business’— Glambition® Radio Episode 298 with Ali Brown

    Do you remember the Bible story about the golden calf? It’s basically revealing of human nature and our tendency to stray away from what’s true in the name of what’s new, sexier, faster, or ‘here right now’. This is one of my favorite stories that we can also relate to in business. Because we have all created – or have even been told to workshop  – our own golden calves… or ‘false gods’. 

    For the first time ever, in this episode of #GlambitionRadio, I break down 7 false gods I see most every day in the businesses I have worked with.

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    ‘How To Be Loving’ with Danielle Laporte — Glambition® Radio Episode 297 with Ali Brown

    WOW… I was thrilled to have Danielle Laporte back on #GlambitionRadio to talk about… LOVE. Not love as in loving another person in particular, but a concept much greater, and the theme of her new book ‘How To Be Loving…when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up.’

    And, what does this have to do with ourselves as business owners and leaders? More than you may realize, in today’s times. Danielle spent the past few years radically simplifying her life, doing the deep work, and determining that love is not a feeling, but a virtue, and how we learn about love and express it is incredibly personal. 

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    ‘The Power of Copywriting’ with Sara Anna Powers— Glambition® Radio Episode 296 with Ali Brown

    I’ve always been in love with writing, since I was little. Using words in the right way to convey your point to the fullest. Finding just the right word that can replace a string of five others. Expressing emotions that are hard to convey. And more. 

    But I never knew what copywriting actually was until my mid-20s, when I landed a job at a midtown boutique ad agency. It blended my love of both words and psychology. I immediately became enamored with the idea of doing that for a living – could it really be possible? 

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    ‘It’s Time for the Revolution’— Glambition® Radio Episode 295 with Ali Brown

    There are multiple timelines in existence right now. And it’s critical that we consciously select the higher ones… as entrepreneurs, as mothers, as citizens, as humans. 

    Because we are here to help bring the world through to ‘the other side’, in more ways than one. As entrepreneurs, we are likely here to create new ways of doing business. But in the overarching scope of things, we are really here to create a brand new world. 

    And WOMEN entrepreneurs are a huge part of leading this charge. (Have you noticed the answers have never pointed more strongly than right now to the ways WE have always worked best?

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    ‘9 Lives to Live’ with PAIGE founder Paige Adams-Geller — Glambition® Radio Episode 294 with Ali Brown

    How many fashion retailers came out of the last two years not only sustaining their business but landing well ahead of where they were? And also right after opening several new retail locations beforehand? You’re about to hear that story, but there’s much more to Paige Adams-Geller and her company PAIGE than meets the eye.

    I first pulled on a pair of PAIGE jeans back in 2006 and felt I’d finally found the brand to fit me best. But since then, they’ve expanded to become a full lifestyle brand. (I ask her about this decision on this #GlambitionRadio  – when do you know that’s the right thing to do versus staying true to the original product?

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    ‘No Choice But to Own It’ with Suneera Madhani— Glambition® Radio Episode 293 with Ali Brown

    She tried to ‘give away’ her brilliant idea dozens of times, but no one in her industry wanted it. So finally, Suneera Madhani did it herself. Today, her company Stax has a $1 BILLION valuation (and it’s the first women-led fintech company to do so). And all those guys who rejected her? They are now her partners. 😉


    Suneera grew up in the U.S. with immigrant parents who were entrepreneurs out of necessity, where Suneera learned hard work and customer service firsthand – two traits that have led to her success today.

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About Glambition Radio

Ali launched the award-winning Glambition® Radio show in 2014,which quickly shot to the top of the podcast charts in several categories. Intelligent, sophisticated, and engaging, it’s the only show of its kind for entrepreneurial women, exclusively featuring prominent female founders and leaders.

Recent guests have included Orange Theory founder Ellen Latham, Wall Street legend Sallie Krawcheck, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, corporate leader Beth Comstock, creative icon Julia Cameron, Birchbox founder Katia Beauchamp, celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, Vicky Tsai of Tatcha skincare, Paige Adams of Paige Denim, human rights activist Zainab Salbi, and more.

Glambition Radio does not serve up beginner tactics, ‘hacks’, or self-help fluff. Ali and her guests share how they are making an impact, birthing movements, building their legacies, strategically scaling, making huge fortunes, thinking differently, and becoming the leaders they are meant to be along the way.

Ali Brown is one of the most recognized entrepreneur coaches in the world, having built a coaching and consulting enterprise that ranked in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the nation. She is also Founder + CEO of The Trust: the new, premier global network for women entrepreneurs generating 7- and 8-figure revenues.

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