Paula Rizzo, Media Strategist + Author of 'Listful Living'— Glambition Radio Episode 182 with Ali Brown - Ali Brown

Paula Rizzo, Media Strategist + Author of ‘Listful Living’— Glambition Radio Episode 182 with Ali Brown

She is an Emmy-award winning TV producer, best-selling author, and expert media trainer and strategist. And today on #GlambitionRadio, Paula Rizzo reveals exactly how to get media attention for your new book or business venture, as well as the biggest mistake people make when pitching… and how to avoid it. She also details her journey to writing her second book, ‘Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You,’ available now.

On, Paula also opens up about the life-threatening health crisis she experienced after publishing her first book. (This was the first time I’d actually heard about it!) It forced her to slow down and say ‘no’ to what wasn’t important. Her story is an urgent reminder that we need to stay in tune with our bodies or risk serious damage to our health and even our lives.

As a media veteran for nearly 20 years on local and Fox News, Paula has received thousands of pitches. But her experience doesn’t stop there: as an author and entrepreneur, Paula has done her share of pitching and self-promotion, too. Her unique blend of skill and insight on both sides of the camera make her an invaluable media strategist and coach.

On #GlambitionRadio you’ll hear us discuss:

*The most important type of content you need to be producing right now — and why (this is smart, and it could mean less work, too)

*Why burnout is such a health crisis right now, and why Paula says that ‘rest is the new hustle’ (women entrepreneurs especially need to hear this)

*How authors can position themselves for media engagements that will lead to more sales (and what media to avoid if you’re an author)

*Why entrepreneurs must revisit their work schedules and boundaries on a regular basis (even if you think you have a handle on them)

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Show Notes:

*Learn about Paula’s media strategy and training services here

*The World Health Organization recognizes burnout as a health condition, as of May 2019

*Hear more about Paula’s career and backstory on this earlier interview we did: #GlambitionRadio Ep. 55

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