Launching the Lash Revolution with Anna Phillips of The Lash Lounge® — Glambition® Radio Episode 282 with Ali Brown

Launching the Lash Revolution with Anna Phillips of The Lash Lounge® — Glambition® Radio Episode 282 with Ali Brown

LASHES… they’re everywhere, and now many of us can’t go without them. They’ve become a lucrative category within the business of beauty. But where did this eyelash extension trend come from in the first place, when did it happen, and who really took it mainstream? 

Meet Anna Phillips, founder and chief innovation officer of The Lash Lounge, who first spotted the semi-permanent lash opportunity that had just arrived from overseas back in 2003. And she’s sharing her WHOLE story today on #GlambitionRadio! 

After testing out her own salon doing nothing but lashes, she knew it was time to lead the U.S. lash revolution (before somebody else did). And in 2006, The Lash Lounge was born, pioneering a new vertical in the beauty industry

Today, they boast more than 115 locations across the U.S. in more than 30 states, and the trend continues to grow. 

Anna’s passion for helping others feel beautiful, confident, and cared for has fueled her unparalleled success—transforming her original single-room salon into a national brand that has had an impact on more than 90,000 clients nationwide!

Listen to the full episode at to learn:

  • Anna’s vacation plan that led to the ‘lightbulb moment’ she needed to open the very first Lash Lounge.
  • How Anna made sure she continued to gain market share and remain relevant when a competitor entered the market in 2013
  • What she did during the pandemic to maintain customer loyalty and stay top-of-mind (that many other subscription-based service business did not do)
  • Things to consider before franchising your business or becoming a franchisee of a brand. (It’s a WHOLE different game! But a powerful one.)
  • Anna’s plans for incorporating technology (like virtual reality) into her beauty business to enhance the experience for customers and employees
  • And… why yours truly loves her lashes, and it’s now become a regular part of my beauty routine.

Plus, you’ll want to hear how Anna’s husband reacted when she first told him her idea of opening up a boutique lash studio! 😉 

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