Iconic With Ali Brown — The Workshop for Thought Leaders, Firebrands, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, and Forces of Nature — Women’s Business Leadership Event Phoenix


Calling all thought leaders, firebrands, extraordinary entrepreneurs, and female forces of nature…

for a two-day positioning power-up on
November 5+6, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

Registration opens late Spring 2019.
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If you’ve felt for any reason you’re pretty average at what you do, or lack confidence in yourself, or aren’t sure what your gifts are, this is NOT a page you should be reading.

However, if you know you’re special, if you know you’ve been blessed with talents and gifts that you at times wonder how you even deserved, if you feel you’re here on this earth in this lifetime to do something quite extraordinary and create profound impact… this page is for you.

I have a feeling your business has been performing very well over the past several years. And it likely still is. But you see things changing and shifting daily online and in your industry. More competition, more saturation…more sheer madness.

Your gravy train…is now a crazy train.

And it’s a terrible thing.


May I suggest, for a minute, this is actually happening for a huge reason.

To break you out of your current model and push you up to the top.

You see…

You are being called out of that pool of noise.

You are being called to elevate to your highest level of genius.

You are being called to truly start leading.

And THIS, my friends, is an invitation to become ICONIC in your field.

This fall, I’m inviting 80-90 select leaders to join me in Phoenix, Arizona for a powerful two days to become nothing less than… ICONIC.

Closed doors.

Higher concepts.

Elevated conversation.

Extraordinary women.

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for, enter your details below to receive full information BEFORE anyone else, once details are ready. With only 80-90 spots available, seats at this private workshop won’t be available for long.

See you at the top. It’s less crowded here.

Registration opens late Spring 2019.
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