Iconic With Ali Brown — The Workshop for Thought Leaders, Firebrands, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, and Forces of Nature — Women’s Business Workshop Phoenix - Ali Brown - the world's most recognized business coach for women entrepreneurs, leadership, speaker, and founder of The Trust.

Iconic With Ali Brown — The Workshop for Thought Leaders, Firebrands, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, and Forces of Nature — Women’s Business Workshop Phoenix




Calling all thought leaders,

firebrands, extraordinary entrepreneurs,



If you’ve felt for any reason you’re pretty average at what you do, or lack confidence in yourself, or aren’t sure what your gifts are, this is NOT a page you should be reading.

However, if you know you’re different and special, if you know you’ve been blessed with talents and gifts which at times you wonder how you even deserved, and/or if you feel you’re here on this earth in this lifetime to do something quite extraordinary and create profound impact… this page is for you.

I have a feeling your business has been performing very well over the past several years. And it likely still is. But you see things changing and shifting daily online and in your industry.

More competition. More saturation. More noise.

More sheer madness.

May I suggest, for a minute, that this is happening for a huge reason.

For you. And for all of us.

This, my friend, is an extraordinary invitation to step out of your current model, and rise to the top.

You are being called out of this pool of noise.

You are being called to elevate to your true genius.

You are being called to stop launching…and start leading.

It’s time… to accept the clear invitation to become truly ICONIC in your field.

My first ever ICONIC workshop was a wild success. I knew I’d struck a nerve when this brand-new workshop SOLD OUT in less than 48 hours. I held another one in 2018 which sold out as well. And due to multiple requests to host another one, I’m hosting ICONIC 3.0.

This fall, I’m inviting 70-80 leaders to join me in Phoenix, Arizona for a powerful two days together to become no less than…


A two-day positioning power-up for
thought leaders, firebrands,
extraordinary entrepreneurs, and forces of nature.



We’ll be focusing on these 5 KEY areas to reevaluate, reset, and redesign your positioning to place you and your ideas at the TOP of your category:


Remember when you started your business, and everything felt fresh and new and the world was full of opportunities? There were many great things ahead, but also many challenges you didn’t see coming. It was a time of YES. Often times that naiveté and “fresh mind” is priceless, and we want to get your brain back there to start.

In the beginning, formulas are great for getting us started and giving us a map to follow. Now, you may be reaching a point where what worked before doesn’t work now. Or, your “creative cycle” is coming to an end and it’s time to launch something new and fresh.

You’re craving to venture off the marked roads, and that’s a higher evolution.

Because your true genius never lies on the proven path.

ICONIC leaders create their own laws of nature.


Can I tell you a secret? Every woman I work with has an unfair advantage in her business. And you do too. Some know it. Some really own it. But most aren’t even aware they have it.

It’s your unique genius. Incomparable to anyone else on the planet. Even in the universe. There is no other combination of you and your gifts.

But often when these same women come to me, after building 7- and even 8-figure businesses, they are trapped in a model that doesn’t come close to unlocking that genius. And they don’t even realize it. They don’t realize it because they’ve already experienced more “success” than they feel they even deserve. But their brilliance has become commoditized along the way, and likely lost its magic.

Could there truly be another level to themselves, their business, their fulfillment and joy, and their impact in the world? Yes.

I know because it happened to me. Just a few years ago, I was experiencing success at a level that for most would have been more than enough. More than I’d ever dreamed, in fact. But inside I was craving a higher level of creation and enjoyment of my work. I didn’t need more. I needed to use my highest gifts.

You’ll find out if you’re holding yourself back from your next level of pure genius, and how to break through.


Trying to be the best or biggest in your category is exhausting. So stop. Seriously. You can’t win because there’s always someone else to be worried about.

But what you can do is create your own category. Get off that crazy-train-gravy-train, and make a sharp right turn into the horizon.

You can consider changing your offerings, changing your market, changing “who” you are, how you do what you do, how you sell it, or how you market it… just for a start. If you keep trying to work a model that no longer serves you, you’re beating your head against a wall.

I will encourage you to take a close, hard look at the category you’re in, and how perhaps making a sideways leap could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Or, if you’ve affirmed you have the right model, we’ll look at how to accelerate your growth without complexifying it.


When competition swarms around, it can be good in many ways, as it gets you to raise your game. But most often, it actually keeps you playing small … because then often your entire focus becomes marketing.

And that’s a never ending game. Because someone else will always have cooler videos. A larger following. Greater exposure. More cash to market. Better ads. More posts. A larger team. Lower prices. More time. More famous friends. The list goes on.

And then suddenly you realize — you’ve been focused more on beating that game than doing YOUR ICONIC WORK.

Shift your game to going bolder and deeper. Stand for something specific and spectacular. Speak up and say what you really want to. What you are for. What you are against. And watch the magic that happens.

(Listen… they’re all talking about you anyway. It’s time to just finally go there. It’s unavoidable: Icons attract iconoclasts.)

Purposeful positioning > purposeful perception™

You’ll receive my special 33-point Purposeful Perception™ Checklist to do a complete audit of how you are being externally perceived in your market.


In the hundreds of high-performing women I’ve worked with personally over my career, I see a common occurrence once they are into seven-figures and after they’ve been in business several years. Once things don’t work as well as they did before, or if they are starting to get bored with what they have created, they enter a new ‘dark night of the soul’. It’s a different tension than the one that may have spurred the birth of their business.

Once you have huge revenue streams, a larger team, more clients, and plenty of bills to go with it, you may not have that fresh “anything is possible” feeling so easily anymore. Any decision now has further reaching implications than it did before when life was simpler.

It is CRITICAL you reconnect to your higher power more than ever… to restore that ease, grace, and excitement you previously experienced early on.

It’s time once more to believe in yourself beyond reason.

Yes there will be plenty you’ll need to shift on the external plane. But even more so to shift inside yourself.

And the journey begins once again.

Your Host and Leader: Ali Brown

Ali Brown is the world’s most recognized coach for entrepreneurial women. She has been dubbed the “Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily and has created an Inc. 500-ranked, global enterprise devoted to empowering women entrepreneurs. She was named one of Forbes Women to Watch, one of EY’s Winning Women Entrepreneurs, and an entrepreneur delegate for the United Nations Foundation’s Global Accelerator. Ali was also featured on the ABC hit primetime show Secret Millionaire. She provides leadership and business coaching & advice to over 250,000 followers via AliBrown.com, her social media channels, and her Glambition® Radio show.

Ali’s coaching & mentorship has been featured on CNN.com. She was also named by Entrepreneur Magazine as having one of the Top “10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following”. Ali is also an angel investor with a special interest in women-led ventures.

Over the last 10 years, Ali has advised & helped nurture the businesses of many of the 7- and 8-figure online thought leaders you see thriving today. After hosting large conferences for years, today she only works with a limited number of high-profile clients, while occasionally offering rare & unique live experiences such as this one.

Bonus: Exclusive ‘Dealmaking’ Session with Cindy Eckert:

I’m thrilled my friend Cindy Eckert will be joining us for a special ‘closed-door’ session at ICONIC, to share her strategies on innovation, disruption, and doing BIG deals.

Cindy is a proven serial entrepreneur, a strong advocate for female entrepreneurship and, as the only woman to sell her business for over $1 Billion, an unapologetically self-described, ‘pink unicorn.’ Over a distinguished 22-year career in healthcare, she started and sold two businesses for more than $1.5 Billion. As Co-Founder & CEO of Sprout Pharma, her company broke through barriers and made news with the first ever FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women — dubbed ‘the female Viagra’ by the media. And in 2015, Cindy sold the company for $1 Billion… cash.

She’ll not only share with us how she spotted these opportunities and the steps she took, but also secrets to pitching and sealing big deals—especially in intimidating rooms.


Within six months, I broke $1M in revenues for the year. I hired Ali because I wanted an advisor who had the track record and experience to help me navigate a period of intense growth in my business. Within three months of engaging Ali, she helped me reposition my brand, offerings and marketing strategies. The results: sales pipeline doubled, 166% increase in enrollments, 113% increase in market reach.  Ali is helping me reimagine what’s truly possible and build unparalleled trust in myself as a leader.”

-Eleanor Beaton, founder of the Women’s Leadership Lab

“During my year with Ali, I broke through the MILLION DOLLAR mark… nearly tripling our revenues. I also made some key hires (and fires) and worked on systems that are priming us for more fast growth. What I love about Ali as a coach is she digs deep into your “why” and “how”, and then helps you navigate through the waters and become a stronger leader who makes better decisions every time. I highly recommend working with Ali if you want personal attention and advisory to take your business to the next level.

-Adda Birnir, Founder & CEO, Skillcrush.com

“Ali helped me reengineer my 7-figure business so that while I maintained profits I am now working HALF as much as I used to. I love working with Ali, because I appreciate her honesty, her business savvy, and seeing me for who I am…and supporting my business growth to match. She’s no cookie cutter coach — she’s a true leader and works with leaders.”

-Heather Dominick, Founder and Leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur movement and BusinessMiracles.com

Sailed through the MILLION dollar mark while coaching with Ali. Since deciding to coach with Ali, my business and life are unrecognizable. My revenues doubled within the first 4 months, and then doubled AGAIN in the next 4 months.”

“Best of all, I now have a highly leveraged, scalable business that gives me more TIME back than ever whilst making a bigger impact than ever. (Including one $360,000 launch that was the most joyous and easiest I have ever done.)”

-Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield, CEO & Founder, StudioExpansion.com

“In less than a year, I’ve gone from multiple six figures to MULTIPLE 7-FIGURES with her guidance. Even more importantly, Ali has helped me create a business model that I truly ENJOY. She is willing to ask me the hard questions and challenge me to elevate. She truly cares about my success, and I’m so grateful for her support. Working with Ali has easily been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. “

-Amanda Tress, Founder, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss

“After starting working with Ali, I had my best sales month ever at $100K, and then hit the $1 MILLION mark! I am catapulting my business and life to a whole new level. Ali is intuitive, her business mind is proven and super-focused, she doesn’t work to some formula, and she gently but powerfully steers me in all the right directions. You need to be truly ready for this level of coaching, and when you are, you’ll want to work with Ali.

-Wendy Powell, Postpartum Exercise Expert, Founder of MuTu System

“Ali Brown is an entrepreneurial titan who has devoted her work to teaching others her secrets to success. She has one of the most generous hearts I know and wholeheartedly aims to help business owners accelerate their goals and avoid pitfalls. I feel grateful to have her in my corner as I grow my business.”

-Claudia Chan, founder of S.H.E. Summit, women’s empowerment accelerator

Accomplished more in 3 months with Ali than would have taken a year to do. Working with Ali has resulted in a level of confidence and clarity for this next endeavour that I unequivocally did not have before our VIP Strategy Day. I have founded and scaled a number of multimillion dollar businesses, and I expect nothing less from my next venture, which is why I booked a day with Ali.”

-Kelsey Ramsden, award-winning entrepreneur, provocateur, host of the Futureproofing podcast

More than doubled business to over $1 MILLION in a year with Ali. In March 2015, I hired Ali Brown for a plan to hit 7 figures. What I received over the following year was not only that, but genius from the leading expert in running a profitable business that doesn’t leave me feeling worn down and overworked. During that year, my business more than DOUBLED from less than half-a-million in revenue to *7 figures*. I increased my list of prospects by 500%. And I’m now confident I know what I need to do to hit $5 million in revenue.”

-Kendrick Shope, creator of Authentic Selling

“Ali helped me go from beyond broke to a 7-figure business in 3 years. Then, for the past several years I have been hanging out with some of the most successful men in the world. And while it helped my business grow exponentially, I felt like something was missing. Then I came back to Ali’s latest workshop. I honestly felt like I had come home. Ali brought together a powerhouse group of women and she provided the leadership and framework I needed to reconnect with my feminine power and pull that back into my business. Ali Brown is one of those rare coaches whose impact on your life goes far beyond what you came for.”

-JJ Virgin, Founder of the global JJ Virgin health empire and author of 4 New York Times bestselling books

“Ali Brown is THE leading mentor in the world today for conscious women entrepreneurs who want to create huge success and impact by serving their clients at the highest level. Ali possesses an unparalleled and rare mix of intuition, strategic insight, and laser instincts for what will win in the marketplace, as well as a special magic for unleashing your greatness. If you have the opportunity to work with her, run, don’t walk.

-Claire Zammit, Founder, Feminine Power and CEO of Evolving Wisdom

“Our Strategy Work with Ali was immensely valuable in launching our latest mission-based program. Following Ali’s suggestions, just 3 days later we already attracted several new clients for our new 7-figure program. Ali was also very effective and right on point in identifying and assisting us in overcoming mindset roadblocks in just a few hours. She was candid yet empowering! We had an outstanding experience with Ali and would highly recommend her.

-Michelle Bosch, Cofounder, UltimateBoardroom.com

“I made more money in the first six months of working with Ali then I did in the last two years combined. I’ve had many coaches over my career, but I’ve never EVER gotten such dramatic results so quickly as I’ve had with Ali. More importantly, she really honors who you are, and helps you create results and impact in your own way. Ali helps her clients get bottom-line impact.

-Barbara Stanny, Leading Authority on Women & Wealth

“I first worked with Ali years ago to help take my business to over $2 MILLION. Then after trying a few other coaches, I returned once again for more of her spot-on advisory. The value of Ali’s advice and direction along with the quality of the powerful private groups she puts together are a transformational experience. You’ll be seeing me at Ali’s next workshop!”

-Kendall SummerHawk, The Leader in Certified Coach Training for Women Entrepreneurs, KendallSummerHawk.com

“When I was looking for insight and expertise at the next level of leadership for my Femmefluence brand, I didn’t consider anyone else than Ali Brown to work with me on the business strategy. It was the collaboration and consultation I was looking for in developing plans and actions for this new brand while keeping a keen and discerning eye on my current 7-figure companies.

-Jennifer Kem, Founder & CEO Femmefluence, KemComm, Brand Strategist & Marketing Expert

“When the time came to take my branded movement to the next level I knew just who to call. Ali is a brilliant visionary and marketing genius. I’m so thrilled to have been one of her VIP clients and I cannot wait to do more!”

-Rha Goddess, founder of Move the Crowd, New York, NY

These are a just a few of the women who have worked with and endorse Ali.
Go here to see more of Ali’s notable client success stories.


When you were starting out in your career and business, you needed models, formulas, and a lot of information. But as you have become more accomplished, affluent, and clear on your capabilities, I’m guessing you’re finding what you really need is a dedicated time, place, and framework for up-leveling and re-powering among a fantastic group of women leaders who inspire you as much as you do them.

Please note this is an ADVANCED workshop and NOT for you if you:

  • Are still in the startup phase of your business and income models
    (making less than $250K a year or in business less than 5 years)
  • Don’t have solid confidence in yourself or your ideas
  • Want to be “taught” instead of participate in elevated thought & conversation
  • Are looking for formulas, templates, and “done for you” anything
  • Aren’t willing to think for yourself or “do the work”
  • Aren’t in a position (financially or emotionally) to invest in yourself right now
  • Are resistant to redirection or reinvention—if required

A seat at ICONIC is $2,997. Payments are available.
(Select option on payment page.) Reserve Your Seat Now


Please note there is a brief application to complete along with your registration, and you are not completely accepted to the event until we notify you of that. We want to make sure this event is a right fit for you and your business. If for any reason we feel this event won’t be the best use of your investment and time, we’ll explain why and fully refund monies paid within two weeks.

If you cannot attend ICONIC for some reason and we are notified after Oct. 11, you are welcome to transfer your credit with us to another event or offering. Due to the intimate size of this event, no refunds can be granted after Oct. 11 for any reason.

Only 70-80 Seats Available
Reserve Yours Now


I’ve secured a bright, beautiful meeting space that can hold 70-80 of us at an inspired, luxe, modern hotel in the Phoenix area.

While I would love a full room, I am also not attached to filling every seat. For this workshop, it will be the quality of those in the room that’s more important than the quantity, and I’m just as happy to work with less as I would with more. I trust the process and enjoy the result. And I suggest you do too.

Full hotel and travel information provided upon accepted registration.

PLEASE NOTE we are working together for two full days, so please do not attend if you cannot stay the entire second day through 5pm. It’s not fair to you or the others in the group, as we will be progressing through the material together, with each other, in distinct pieces which cumulate in the last session.

A seat at ICONIC is $2,997. Payments are available.
(Select option on payment page.) Reserve Your Seat Now


PS — I can guarantee there is nothing out there like this event, anywhere. I am told the quality of the women in my rooms is extraordinary. Our content and conversations are higher-level. And I treat my participants with respect. You are going to find that ICONIC was exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 

But don’t take my word for it alone. Here’s just a sampling of the powerful feedback we got about last year’s event:

ICONIC was unlike any other live event I’ve ever been to. (And as someone who teaches people how to lead live events, I’ve been to a lot of them!) From the exceptional community of visionary entrepreneurs that Ali curates, to the opportunities for true business strategizing that Ali creates as a gifted facilitator, I walked away excited to retire out of season beliefs and business offerings, with over a dozen new friendships (and several collaborations), and with an uncomplicated plan for how to continue to scale my business in a way that aligns with what I want for myself and my family. Ali really sees and connects with all of the women she brings together, creates a space where truth telling is the norm (versus the exception), and she gives whip-smart feedback that leads to concrete action. If you have the opportunity to go to one of Ali’s intimate live events, grab yourself a ticket the second they go on sale!”— Alexia Vernon, Transformational Public Speaking Coach and Author

Attending ICONIC helped me to clear away the clutter in my mind about what I want to do next. I reached a point of success and it was like “Where next?”. I was feeling burnt out and underwhelmed about what to do next. After the event, I felt like when I first started again. I am re-energized with a centered, focused energy that allows stress of all the things I “should be” doing to roll right off of me. It’s opened up options and possibilities I hadn’t seen before. Thank you!” — Melodie Moore, Founder + CEO, Business Tech Ninjas

Iconic was the best conference I’ve ever gone to. So many amazing women, who truly wanted to support each other while taking their business models to a new arena, outside of the box. We went deep into who we were and what we stood for, and after a few days of contemplation and revelation, I changed my model to truly keep me in the zone of genius! Now my business is focused on what I do best and how I can give my clients the BEST service, while working smarter, not harder.”— Holly Signorelli, CPA and Wealth Strategist

I have been on FIRE since coming back from ICONIC! It was unlike any experience I have encountered. Being in a room with like-minded, incredible, and strong women in business brought a new dimension to my life and business. I made instant connections, wonderful friends and had deep conversations about our different industries that I had been craving…Ali Brown works from such an amazing place of brilliance.”— Heather Simpson, CEO, Bellwether Real Estate

There was something magical in the room over those two days at ICONIC… unlike anything I had ever experienced. I walked in the door completely frustrated, without a plan of how to move forward and not even sure if I wanted to. But Ali brought the perfect mix of strong successful business owners into a room for an ICONIC event that was nothing short of extraordinary. For the first time in a very long time, I was in a room with others who had my same struggles and frustrations at this level of business. Ali’s simple no-nonsense approach was so refreshing in a noisy overdone business world. It reminded me that I should do the opposite of all the noise, and I did. I realized what was missing in my companies was me. I was so wound up in the next marketing plan or employee issue and mindlessly following what everyone said I should be doing instead of doing what I knew deep down I was supposed to be doing. I cancelled my flight and extended my stay another day. I went through my notes, removed one of my programs, and then converted $25,000 in 2 hours.” — Deb Cantrell, Executive Chef and Owner of Savor Culinary Services

ICONIC solidified everything I’ve been thinking, feeling and wanting to do in my business for a while now. It reinforced for me the power of my own ideas and validated why I shouldn’t follow formulas for the masses. If you want to be ICONIC, you’ve got to lead and do things your own way. Ali empowered everyone in the room to do just that.” — Lisa Larter, Marketing + Sales Strategist

She did it again! Ali Brown continues to raise the bar and the level of conversations for powerful women entrepreneurs across the globe. This intimate, hands-on event was exactly what I needed to gain the focus, clarity and connections to move my business to the next level. Her message was clear: You don’t need to fit the mold, you need to create one that fits you. Ali is certainly “Iconic” in her industry and her commitment to helping other entrepreneurs reach new heights is always inspiring. I can’t wait to attend the next one!” — Keri Murphy, Founder + CEO of Inspired Living Network

I’ve followed Ali for 10 years, and have attended several of her events in the past. But this one was incredibly special for many reasons – the caliber of the women in the room, the frank conversation, the incredible content… to just name a few. Ali’s always on the cutting edge, and I was called to attend ICONIC because she is so tapped into the current state of business and marketing, and was talking about the over saturation and over complication in the marketplace long before others. I attended ICONIC in order to formulate my strategy to stay apart from – and ahead of – the pack, and I got that in spades. But the most remarkable thing I received? Ali’s a true leader, and by sharing her brilliance at this event, she has reignited my passion and reaffirmed my mission in my business, and that’s absolutely priceless.” — Christine Gallagher, Founder + CEO, She’s Got Clients

I attended Iconic because I knew I needed to get out of my regular day to day zone, and be immersed for 2 days in the company of vibrant, creative, successful women entrepreneurs. Little did I know that I was about to be shifted at the cellular level, which is exactly what Iconic did for me. The women in the room were stellar – authentic, smart, caring and supportive. The way Ali designed Iconic allowed us to get real quickly, and as a result, I’m now seeing everything about my business and myself through a new, up-leveled lens of feminine leadership. I feel transformed heart and soul about my business, and I am deeply grateful to Ali for her vision in creating a truly magical workshop like no other out there.” — Kendall SummerHawk, the Leader in Soul-Rich, Lucrative, Certified Coach Training

Thanks so much for hosting the ICONIC conference. There are many business events one can attend to learn about starting your business and, to some degree, growing your business. But this is the only one I’ve been to where I was completely surrounded by peers: super successful, unapologetically ambitious women who already have thriving businesses but are looking to take them to the next level. Whatever that level looks like. And these women were also invested in helping ensure my business success. You Ali, are clearly super successful, AND (not but) completely genuine.” — Karen DeYoung, Principal, DeYoung Consulting Services

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