Heather Dominick, Founder of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement — Glambition Radio Episode 117 with Ali Brown - Ali Brown

Heather Dominick, Founder of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement — Glambition Radio Episode 117 with Ali Brown

Heather Dominick on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

About 20% of the population are born “highly sensitive”. Once Heather Dominick realized she was one of them, she also identified the way she was growing her business was completely unaligned with who she was. Because the vast majority of coaching and training programs were designed for the other 80%, and her work with those coaches drove her to overwhelm, exhaustion, and even health problems.

She also realized there were many women like her, who had incredible gifts to share as coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs who were seeking training that WAS aligned.

So Heather started the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) movement.

If you’ve suffered most of your life believing that you are not up to par, you are not as worthy, you are not as valuable as the other 80%, you need to hear this episode of Glambition Radio. Because there’s an awakening to ultimate healing happening for millions of highly-sensitive women, and Heather is guiding us through it.

On this episode, my client Heather dives into how to play to your strengths (or as she calls them, your super powers) as an HSE and how to use consistency to go from distraction and procrastination to a transformation in your life and business.

On the show, we discuss:

* How a “dark night of the soul” led Heather to discover what it means to be an HSE

* How HSEs are coded to be the “royal advisors” in today’s world, which is why we are being called to be coaches, consultants, healers, and creative entrepreneurs

* The HSE coping mechanisms of hiding and pushing, and how to break the cycles (especially when they can lead to massive health issues!)

* There is NO RUSH for your life purpose — it simply becomes who you are. No more “do more to get more that costs more”

* What YOU can do now to embrace your sensitivity to bring fulfillment and healing in your life and business

* Heather’s deep transformation over the last five years during our coaching together (and what I’ve learned from her as well)

* How her quiz at www.taketheHSEquiz.com can tell you if you are an HSE right away

Hear how Heather has completely reinvented her life and business to honor 100% who she is, with even better financial results.

On this episode of Glambition Radio, Heather and I also talk about the importance of accepting and embracing who YOU are, how to choose a good coach, and the little thing she does at her retreats that blew my mind.

I know you’ll get a lot out of this episode. So head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

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P.P.S. By the way, Heather has a webinar coming up on Tuesday, July 18. You won’t want to miss this! Register here.

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