Gabrielle Reece, Athlete + Health Entrepreneur — Glambition® Radio Episode 227 with Ali Brown   - Ali Brown

Gabrielle Reece, Athlete + Health Entrepreneur — Glambition® Radio Episode 227 with Ali Brown  

Gabrielle Reece on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Get ready for a refreshingly realistic take on ‘modern femininity’ from superstar athlete + health entrepreneur Gabrielle Reece.

On Glambition Radio, Gabby and I come clean about the often ‘unspoken’ choices we as women must confront while creating our legacies at every stage of the game… in our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. And with her deliberate and strategic approach to business, wellness, marriage (her long-time relationship to surfer Laird Hamilton is one to admire) and motherhood, Gabby sets a high (and pragmatic) standard.

Gabby is not only a volleyball legend, but an inspirational leader, New York Times bestselling author, and television and media figure. As a former professional beach volleyball player and Nike’s first female spokeswoman, she’s the definition of both athleticism and beauty. Creator of HIGHX®, Co-Founder of XPT® and Executive Member of Laird Superfood®, Gabby is dedicated to building and leading new models of health and fitness.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • Why Gabby considers her global, public image one to manage with fairness and honesty (no influencer ‘fluff’ here!)
  • How a ‘parallel path’ method to entrepreneurship can ease transitions between family and professional responsibilities… (PSA — you don’t have to go in all-or-nothing!)
  • Gabby’s candidly detached perspective to starting — AND ending — business ventures… and why she’s grateful for her ‘resume of failures’.
  • The very REAL biological responsibilities that Gabby wishes she’d known earlier in life… (I was thrilled how much she shared on this topic.)
  • She shares a sneak peek into life with Laird… and explains why women’s personal decisions should be honored (no matter what they are!)

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