Farnoosh Torabi, Author + Host of the ‘So Money’ Podcast — Glambition® Radio Episode 187 with Ali Brown
 - Ali Brown

Farnoosh Torabi, Author + Host of the ‘So Money’ Podcast — Glambition® Radio Episode 187 with Ali Brown

Farnoosh Torabi on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Before Farnoosh Torabi was on CNBC, writing for ‘O’ Magazine, and a personal finance expert known for her top-rated ‘So Money’ podcast… she did something that changed her career forever: She wrote and published a book.
On Glambition Radio, my friend Farnoosh reveals why her bestselling books have been hands-down the most powerful assets in her career, and pivotal in establishing her authority and brand in her industry. She pulls back the curtain on her background and unique position in finance, including the painful moment she was laid off in her twenties (and how having a published book saved her career). She also shares why she started podcasting, and how it feels to celebrate #SoMoney’s 1,000th episode (!).

And, she offers a powerful invitation to #GlambitionRadio listeners to her private Book to Brand workshop in January 2020 in New York City.
Farnoosh will be coaching a select group of experts and thought leaders to write powerful books that will take their careers to the next level.
On this week’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll also hear:
*How Farnoosh identified and became known in her niche—and how she leveraged her identity to own the spotlight
*Why you must have a clear point of view and unique perspective on your industry if you want to become a sought-after leader
*Why Farnoosh ‘never put all her eggs in the TV basket’ (and why you shouldn’t either)
*And, I ask a nosy question: how did Farnoosh meet her husband? (It’s a sweet story :))
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Show Notes:

*Check out Farnoosh’s upcoming event, ‘Book to Brand,’ this January 2020 in New York City
*Listen to Farnoosh’s top-rated ‘So Money’ podcast, including my October interview on Ep. 948
*Hear more about Farnoosh’s career and backstory on our previous interview on #GlambitionRadio Ep. 112
*Hear my interview with Farnoosh’s first boss, NBC Financial Editor Jean Chatzky on #GlambitionRadio Ep. 163

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