Dr. Valerie Rein, Psychologist + Author of ‘Patriarchy Stress Disorder’ — Glambition Radio Episode 189 with Ali Brown
 - Ali Brown

Dr. Valerie Rein, Psychologist + Author of ‘Patriarchy Stress Disorder’ — Glambition Radio Episode 189 with Ali Brown

Valerie Rein on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

When ‘just stress’ suddenly presented as symptoms of a stroke, Dr. Valerie Rein was forced to examine her own unhappiness… and discovered that her perfect-on-paper life was stunted by trauma that has affected generations of women for centuries — trauma cleverly disguised as safety tactics designed to keep women safe, but small.
Psychologist, women’s mental health expert, and author of the groundbreaking new release, Patriarchy Stress Disorder, Dr. Valerie shares the eye-opening ER visit that brought her legacy as a trauma healer for high-performing women full circle. 

On GlambitionRadio.com, Dr. Valerie shares a monumental shift in more than just mindset — she offers solutions to women everywhere to help them recognize and release inherited barriers preventing them from ultimate happiness and fulfillment — and explains how even the most mundane daily distractions are cues that greatness is within reach. 
On this week’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • How your most annoying daily distractions trigger you stay in a ‘safe zone’— and how to release them to achieve your deepest desires
  • Ways to rewire your ancient, subconscious decision-making to unlock a life of ultimate fulfillment and flow
  • How healing your inherited trauma uplifts women everywhere — and helps you achieve untapped ease and magnetism
  • When to recognize ‘modern’ signs and symptoms of ancestral limitations — cues that can lead you to new levels of authenticity

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Show notes:
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