Creative Strategy Workshop 2022 with Ali Brown for Brilliant Entrepreneurs Ali Brown

Creative Strategy Workshop 2022 with Ali Brown for Brilliant Entrepreneurs

April 6+7, 2022, Phoenix, AZ

Registration opens January 2022.
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What if you could flip on your creative thinking ‘at will’, to instantly see multiple perspectives and opportunities for ANY situation in your business (or life)?

You were born with the skill of creative thinking, but it’s been ‘unlearned’ over time.

And when switched on, this power gives us the ability to perceive the world in new ways, spot new methods of generating revenue and impact, see new solutions to problems, reinvent our approaches to success, and instantly sight immense opportunities — via entirely new strategies we can use in our businesses.

I first offered my Creative Strategy Workshop back in 2018, when I saw that myopic thinking was already becoming a problem with business clients walking in my door. Now at the end of 2021, I don’t even have to point out that ‘one sided thinking’ has become a full on epidemic (in more ways than one… from models within our industries to our personal world viewpoints).

In fact, if I had to name the ONE single skillset that will dramatically change both your experience and results in 2022, it’s creative thinking.

So… let’s crack open the possibilities together. Reclaim the most powerful skill you have as a human: Your creative power.

Come join me in person on April 6 + 7, 2022 for a closed-door workshop designed for brilliant entrepreneurs at a fantastic golf + spa resort here in Phoenix, AZ.

This is a true workshop environment, and seats will be VERY limited for this event.

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