Creative Strategy Workshop with Ali Brown in Phoenix, AZ: A two-day creative immersion for brilliant leaders and extraordinary entrepreneurs

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Wednesday + Thursday, April 6+7, 2022
Phoenix, AZ

A two-day creative immersion for brilliant leaders and extraordinary entrepreneurs…


For years, I have urged my clients to make one simple change…

I told them to stop trying to be normal. 

For over 15 years I have had the pleasure of working closely with dozens of incredible female entrepreneurs at the higher levels… ones who have rocketed past the million-dollar mark into the multi-millions and then up into the multiple 8-figures. 

And I have to say the only times I see them truly get in their own way, and in a manner that’s often not easily corrected, is when they attempt to stick with what ‘works’ for everyone else.

That was a problem enough in itself. 

THEN… let’s look at what’s happened over the last two years or so… to the world, our industries, humanity itself… 

‘The Rona’ brought incredible disruption on such practical AND energetic levels that it is astounding to take in, in its entirety. 

So now, we add on to the problem of trying to BE normal… the problem of (secretly) WAITING for things to go back to normal. Or at least some sense of normalcy. 

And no one is immune. Even those of us championing disruption and who professedly love ‘riding the waves of change’ have those moments we wish things weren’t changing so FAST right now. There are mornings that hiding under the duvet feels like the best option available. 

Because it’s been exhausting. Not only on a business level. On a soul level. 

But I’m here to share the GOOD NEWS today…

There’s ONE simple shift you can make that will not only dramatically ease your pain, but open you up to a whole new dimension of success.

But first, let’s make sure we rule out any smidgen of chance you’re interested in ‘normal’ again, shall we? 

Even if things are going well for you right now, we need to eliminate any toleration of normal in any way.

Here’s why:

  • Aiming for ‘normal’ means normal results—for you. If you’re reading this, I have a strong feeling you didn’t start a business to enjoy ‘average’ fulfillment from your work … or create average income. And even if you did at first, no doubt you’re now feeling you could use a lot more of both than you thought you did before.
  • Aiming for ‘normal’ means normal results—for your clients + customers. This isn’t just about you. ‘Good enough’ may be good enough for your clients right now. But in the long term, you’re at risk losing them to other, more innovative companies, creators, and idea generators who can offer different types of competing products and services that deliver better results.
  • Aiming for ‘normal’ means you will eventually be replaced. Technological advances, consumer demands, increasing expectations, and of course the ever-shifting world right now have combined to accelerate change faster than ever before. Entire industries have been thrown into disarray within brief windows of time by one single new idea from another. If you keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, you’re going to wake up one morning to a rude new reality… sooner or later.
  • Aiming for ‘normal’ also means… you’re going to get very, very bored. When we begin our ventures, we all look for models within our industries to follow and tweak. And initially, they work. Mine did… splendidly. But I hadn’t honed my ‘creative shifting’ skills yet. So after just a few years, I realized I’d been ‘working the model’, but I had neglected my own genius. I was personally creatively starved, and it affected my motivation, my performance, and my joy.
  • Aiming for ‘normal’ means you’re focusing on a world that no longer exists. Boom.

The UPSIDE to all this? 

You are now being FORCED to do this; what you’ve needed all along and it’s the key to unlocking EVERYTHING you wanted to create for yourself, your tribe, your family. 

The challenge is… remembering how to think… CREATIVELY.


And I’m excited to announce a NEW WORKSHOP to help you do just that. I offered this only once before, back in 2018, and I’m excited to bring it back with a FRESH new spin specifically for 2022…


Wednesday + Thursday, April 6+7, 2022
Phoenix, AZ
A two-day creative immersion for brilliant leaders and extraordinary entrepreneurs…


What if you could power up your creative thinking at will, to instantly see multiple perspectives and opportunities for ANY situation in your business?

That’s exactly what I’ll be walking you through personally at the Creative Strategy Workshop.

We’ll be focusing on these 5 KEY IMPERATIVES to revamp your creative superpowers and summon them when needed…


After years of operating within a particular industry, two things happen:

First, we unconsciously view most everything through the lens of our own model… seeing (nor not seeing) challenges through it, seeing (or not seeing) opportunities through it, and making (or not making) decisions based on it. 

After what feels like eons of focusing on your formulas, it’s time to focus on working your genius. You’ll still be able to ‘work’ whatever model you choose, but with a fresh 360° view that empowers you to see things new, discover more options than before, and make your best decisions from there.

Second, most of us (especially women) have a ‘ruthless editor‘ inside ourselves that monitors our every word and creative impulse. She’s always making you tone things down, over-think things through, and perfect your work before releasing it to the world. She’s just doing her job and trying to protect you — she’s a leftover relic in our DNA from our cavewoman days. But we still feel it SO strongly. Because back then if we did speak up, do something bold, or promote a new idea, it was a huge risk: We literally could be kicked out of the tribe and die. Thankfully, it’s a new age. And it’s time we set free your ruthless editor to go censor someone else. (Perhaps a competitor of yours!)


The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone. Source energy is your creative energy, to tap into at will, at any time. If you haven’t accessed it before, or in a long time, don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it. We won’t get too woo-woo in here. But this is incredibly important to realize: This isn’t all about how creative you try to make yourself be. It’s about how much space you create to allow creativity to flow into you and through you, and how strongly you can align with this flow.

Most leaders, artists, and change-makers known for their creativity have acknowledged the fact that the ideas they receive arrive from a higher power. When you create space and are ‘in the flow’, it’s more of a receiving practice than a pushing one. Isn’t that great to know?


While opening to receive source ideas is critical, it’s also critical you train your mind to open to other clues, triggers, and environments to stimulate your creative thinking. You should be continually seeking new ideas from other sources around you, outside your industry, and outside your typical norms. I’ll share with you three important practices I implement consistently to gain fresh ideas from other sources outside my usual playing field. You’ll gain my secrets to instantly making yourself innovative when you need to be, and easy ways to generate juicy new content quickly (without compromising your high standards).


As a mom of boy-girl twins who are now 8, it strikes me every day how creative children naturally are. I always get a chuckle that among all the cool toys and activities these kids have access to, nothing – nothing! – still excites them more than a giant cardboard box arriving at the front door. Because they know… it can become anything they want. From a rocketship to a clubhouse to a monster robot to a drive-through ice cream shop (my personal favorite). 

From imaginative play to generating solutions from limited supplies and resources, they are constantly astounding me with their unbridled curiosity and creativity. 

I’ve made it my main goal as a parent to help them hold onto these skills as long as possible.

Because typically, the more we ‘grow up,’ the less creative we are. School is where we learn facts and figures and linear problem solving. It is a place where there is only one correct answer to any problem. (And today they even teach there is also only one way to arrive at that answer.) 

It’s where we spend years learning to get things ‘right’… in an environment that does not exist in the real world.

For many of us, this same programming carries into the industries we came to work in. It serves us well at times, when we want to follow a proven model, play safe, keep everyone liking us, not rock the boat, and TBH… abdicate a bit of responsibility. 

But this kind of thinking, when continued, kills innovation. Instead, we need a completely different method for business (and life).

I’ll show you how I instantly ‘try on’ fresh options for any business decision using my own 7-step Creative Induction Process, which you can use for yourself.


Now is the time to apply new processes and ideas you’ve gained to your own ventures. Using the power of the accomplished entrepreneurs in the room, we’ll assist each other in breaking free of our existing strategy paradigms, and forging ahead into where we really need to be.

Warning: My approach to strategy will likely be different than one you’ve learned or currently use, but it’s critical to break out of previous ways of approaching your change and growth—both business and personal.

I’m guessing for some of you it also may be time to become a ‘creative escape artist’—to break out of real and imaginary frameworks that are holding you back. There’s a special creativity to letting go just as much as taking on.



Ali Brown is the founder of The Trust — the modern, premier network for 7+8 figure women leaders. She’s also known as the world’s most recognized coach for women entrepreneurs, and host of the acclaimed, long-running Glambition® Radio podcast.

Her coaching + consulting enterprises have ranked within the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the nation. She has been named one of Forbes’ Women to Watch, is one of EY’s Winning Women Entrepreneurs, and was featured on the ABC hit primetime show ‘Secret Millionaire‘.

In addition to leading The Trust, Ali specializes in supporting female founders in the 7+8 figure revenue ranges to strategize and realize their next level of leadership and revenues. Her coaching + mentorship have been featured on Authority Magazine, Forbes, CNN, and many other media outlets.



When you were starting out in your career and business, you needed models, formulas, and a lot of information. But as you have become more accomplished, successful, and clear on your capabilities, what you really need is a dedicated time, place, and framework for up-leveling and re-fueling among a fantastic group of leaders who inspire you as much as you do them.

Please note I lead ADVANCED workshops, and this is NOT for you if you:

  • Are still in the startup phase of your business and income models (generating less than $150K a year or in business less than 5 years
  • Don’t have confidence in yourself or your ideas
  • Want to be ‘taught’ instead of participate in elevated thought and conversation 
  • Are looking for formulas, templates, and ‘done for you’ anything
  • Aren’t willing to think for yourself or ‘do the work’
  • Are resistant to redirection or reinvention—if required
  • Aren’t in a position (financially or emotionally) to invest in yourself right now 



A seat at the Creative Strategy Workshop is $4,500. Payment plans are available. (See order form for options.)

Please note there is a brief application to complete along with your registration, and you are not completely accepted to the event until we notify you of that. We want to make sure this event is a right fit for you and your business. If for any reason we feel this event won’t be the best use of your investment and time, we’ll explain why and fully refund monies paid within two weeks.

If you cannot attend this Creative Strategy Workshop for some reason and we are notified after March 17, you are welcome to transfer your credit with us to a future event or offering. Due to the intimate size of this event and our obligations to the venue, **no refunds can be granted after March 17 for any reason**.





I’ve secured a bright, beautiful meeting space at one of the top family golf + spa resorts in the Phoenix area. 

While I would love a full room, I am also not attached to filling every seat. For this workshop, it will be the quality of those in the room that’s more important than the quantity, and I’m just as happy to work with less as I would with more. I trust the process and enjoy the result. And I suggest you do too.

AND PLEASE NOTE… we are working together for two full days, so please do not attend if you cannot stay the entire second day through 4pm. It’s not fair to you or the others in the group, as we will be progressing through the material together, with each other, in distinct pieces which culminate in the last session.

Full hotel and travel information will be provided upon accepted registration.

I hope to meet you in person at the Creative Strategy Workshop! 


Ali Brown Signature

PS — This workshop is private and will NOT be recorded… to give you a focused, relaxed space to ‘process’, share, and work. We may take some photos, if we are feeling ambitious. My focus is 100% on your experience.