Critical + Creative Thinking with Julie Bogart — Glambition® Radio Episode 281 with Ali Brown - Ali Brown

Critical + Creative Thinking with Julie Bogart — Glambition® Radio Episode 281 with Ali Brown

In today’s society, it’s become increasingly important to examine different perspectives with both curiosity and discernment. But how do we nurture this — both in ourselves and in our children? Enter Julie Bogart, whose new book on the topic of critical thinking prompted me to invite her onto an Instagram live just a few weeks ago. Our conversation was SO good that I said, ‘We’ve got to also get this on Glambition Radio!’ So I’ve brought it to you here. 

Julie Bogart is the founder of the innovative writing program ‘Brave Writer’ and has served tens of thousands of families in over 190 countries throughout the past 22 years. She’s a mother to five home-educated children, who are now thriving, globe-trotting adults. Julie is the author of the best-selling book, ‘The Brave Learner’ and host of the popular Brave Writer podcast. Her newest book, ‘Raising Critical Thinkers’, was released in February 2022 and is a must-read.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, Julie shares how deep, critical conversations are the catalyst for creating meaningful connections, whether it’s with our children, clients, or business partners. She explains how everyday occurrences are opportunities to unlock innovative ideas, new perspectives, and uncommon thoughts, proving that deep listening and empathy are key to remaining a leader in your industry.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What critical thinking really is, and why it’s now more important than ever
  • The psychology behind why people are so loyal to their beliefs, and how to use it to effectively speak to your tribe
  • Links between critical and creative thinking, and when/how to use each
  • Some of Julie’s unique exercises to unlock creative thinking at will
  • Julie’s top strategy for entrepreneurs who want to go from a “kitchen table” business to a global online brand (she grew her own online business rapidly over the past two years)

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