‘Conscious Capitalism and… Earwax!’ with Elyse Dickerson — Glambition® Radio Episode 301 with Ali Brown - Ali Brown

‘Conscious Capitalism and… Earwax!’ with Elyse Dickerson — Glambition® Radio Episode 301 with Ali Brown

OK let’s just say… earwax? Not sexy. Building a multi-million dollar biotech company without a science-based degree? Sexy! And our guest today did it. 

Elyse Stoltz Dickerson is cofounder + CEO of Eosera, whose mission is to develop innovative products that address underserved healthcare needs. Among Eosera’s many industry awards– including ranking on Inc 5000’s National List of fastest-growing private companies TWICE in 2021 and 2022– Elyse’s personal accolades for her leadership and service are in the dozens. 

Elyse has over two decades of experience leading teams in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. She managed portfolios with annual revenues of $1.7 billion and drove product innovation and the commercialization of numerous technologies across the globe. 

On this episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear:

  • The devastating event that put Elyse on the path to become an entrepreneur, plus the moment she knew she had a viable company
  • How to conduct valuable market research and identify a market gap you can fill
  • What sports taught Elyse about leadership and perseverance 
  • The uncommon way Elyse secured the $50,000 she needed to conduct her first clinical trial
  • How things she saw in corporate america led to her commitment to conscious capitalism and putting people first

The one thing I love most about Elyse’s story is that she never waited for all the pieces to be in place before getting started or taking the next big step!

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