Closing Down to Open Up with Marketing Expert Laura Meyer — Glambition® Radio Episode 275 with Ali Brown - Ali Brown

Closing Down to Open Up with Marketing Expert Laura Meyer — Glambition® Radio Episode 275 with Ali Brown

When Laura Meyer realized the franchise business she was building was in direct contrast to her best talents and came with a heavy dose of industry contention, she made the brave decision to shut it all down.

It was after this bold move (and an admitted blow to the ego) that Laura discovered newfound success and personal fulfillment as a strategic marketing consultant and fractional chief marketing officer to some of the top online influencers and brands. As CEO of Joybrand Creative, her teachings focus on empathic marketing + classic business principles that are often lost in the online space—and it’s this one-two combo that is ever increasingly needed in entrepreneurship!

As you’ll hear on Glambition Radio, Laura’s story is a breath of fresh air if you’re considering closing down a successful venture to discover ‘what’s next?’. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to tap into your support network, hone your leadership skills, and embrace the humanity of business to create a thriving venture that aligns with your truest self.

On this episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

  • Why you MUST prioritize your gut instinct when strategizing the close of a business—and how to expedite wisdom + leadership by remembering THESE tiny details… (I’ve been there myself… have you?)
  • How Laura found success transitioning from a franchise model to online business coaching by reviving these essential business tactics, and why authenticity + integrity will ALWAYS be in high-demand (no matter your industry!) 
  • Why closing down your business doesn’t have to be an agonizingly personal affair… and how the dreaded ‘end’ can signal your next best beginning! (Do you have more support than you realize?)
  • Laura forecasts the trends that will replace ‘forced conversion’ marketing… and shares how these practices are a boon to women’s natural ways of connecting and selling (if you can tap into this, you’ll excel)
  • And my favorite… Laura and I reveal what we would have done differently to close our respective businesses—as well as the one question that never crossed our minds in the process!

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