Cindy Whitehead, Founder of The Pink Ceiling and Former CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals — Glambition Radio Episode 121 with Ali Brown - Ali Brown

Cindy Whitehead, Founder of The Pink Ceiling and Former CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals — Glambition Radio Episode 121 with Ali Brown

Cindy Whitehead on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

She created Addyi, the first FDA-approved drug for women with low libidos, dubbed by the media as “the female Viagra”, and sold the company that created it —Sprout Pharmaceuticals — for $1 BILLION. And now, Cindy Whitehead isn’t slowing down. She’s created the Pink Ceiling… a venture to help more women focused businesses get the funding they need to skyrocket like she did.

A fitting name given Cindy’s signature pink outfits and matching lipstick — the new company is a cross between a VC firm, a ‘pinkubator’ and a consulting enterprise. Her mission is to mentor, invest in, launch. and build other women led or focused businesses, helping them come to market and scale.

But first, on this episode of Glambition Radio, I make Cindy go back through her career, how she believed in herself, and — helloooooo — how exactly do you build a company that sells for a BILLION dollars?

On the show we discuss:

* how Cindy got started in the pharma industry and made a decision to focus on helping women

*why being underestimated can actually be a HUGE advantage in business

*how she got a boardroom of men in all grey suits to stop chuckling at her and actually listen to her pitch (even while wearing pink!)

*her mission for Pink Ceiling now, in her words, has to do with ‘making a lot of women really f-ing rich’)

*the joy and agony of selling a company that includes the idea you birthed

*(this was my nosy question) HOW the money officially arrives when you sell a business for $$$ billions!

Cindy has been featured in The New York Times, Associated Press, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBS, Fox, Yahoo and has been on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. She has been an invited speaker at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, SXSW and Inc. Women about what it takes for breakthrough business success. Hear why Fortune called her “a tireless force of nature” on this episode of Glambition Radio.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cindy in person several times now, and I have to tell you this gal is the real deal — brilliant, beautiful, driven, warm, and ready to take on more.

You cannot miss Cindy and we have her on this week’s Glambition Radio. So head over to iTunes and listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download for later).

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