Christina Stembel, Founder + CEO of Farmgirl Flowers— Glambition® Radio Episode 186 with Ali Brown
 - Ali Brown

Christina Stembel, Founder + CEO of Farmgirl Flowers— Glambition® Radio Episode 186 with Ali Brown

Christina Stembel on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Christina Stembel, founder of Farmgirl Flowers, knew she wanted to build a big company. So when she saw that flowers were the last undisrupted industry in Silicon Valley, she seized the opportunity. Nine years later, her fully self-funded company is generating $34 million… and counting.
On, Christina shares how she built her company—the only direct-to-consumer floral company owned by a woman (despite women being the majority of flower consumers). Before Farmgirl Flowers, no one had innovated in the industry since the ’90s…and it was easy to tell. Christina knew she could do better, so the high-school graduate taught herself everything: from floral design to supply chain dynamics to financials.

Christina also reveals the indirect yet clear sexism she’s faced while growing her business in the agriculture industry. And though Farmgirl Flowers’ Inc. 5000 status has brought in many offers for funding, Christina shares why she ignores all funding opportunities today, and we discuss the false metric that ‘funding equals success’.
On this week’s episode of #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:
*How Christina created a transformative new model, allowing Farmgirl Flowers to deliver unique, high-quality blooms that are not offered anywhere else
*Why she wishes she’d stopped being nice sooner (women entrepreneurs need to hear this)
*The disappointing thing that happened when she tried to source her blooms solely from in the U.S.
*How Christina’s origin story is not what people expect—or want to hear—from a female founder (this was really interesting)
*When it’s time to give up on your idea (Ouch! But important to consider.)
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Show Notes:

*Check out Farmgirl Flowers’ beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements here
*How Sexism Almost Derailed My Floral Startup, a recent piece by Christina about sexism in the agricultural industry
*Hear more about the epidemic of false business metrics we mention on #GlambitionRadio Ep. 179

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