Charlene Li, Author of ‘The Disruption Mindset’ — Glambition Radio Episode 184 with Ali Brown
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Charlene Li, Author of ‘The Disruption Mindset’ — Glambition Radio Episode 184 with Ali Brown

Charlene Li on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

She says we’ve been approaching disruption—and growth—completely backward. And bestselling author and leadership disruptor Charlene Li is here to change that.

On #GlambitionRadio, Charlene reveals why growth creates disruption (not the other way around), and why leading from the edge isn’t for everyone. Her perspective is different from any I’ve heard before, and it affirmed of some of the disruptive decisions I’ve made that at times weren’t understood by my team and clients.

Charlene doesn’t shy away from the reality that making a disruptive decision—what she calls the ‘big gulp moment’—can feel scary and painful. She shares how to prepare for it, and offers brilliant advice for how to plan the future of your company so you can make the impact you are here to make.

Charlene has been named among the Top 50 Leadership Innovators by Inc., Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, and is a sought-after speaker from TED and the World Business Forum to SxSW. On #GlambitionRadio, you’ll hear:

*Why you have to ‘burn the boats’ if you want to lead and disrupt your industry (Charlene shares a fascinating case study of this from a software company you’ll recognize)
*How growing up in an immigrant family in Detroit taught Charlene to solve problems from the outside in
*Why Burning Man has been on Charlene’s bucket list for years (and why it’s meaningful that she finally went this year—with her 23 year-old son!)
*The three common beliefs of truly disruptive organizations (and how terrifying it was for Charlene to create her own disruptive business model)
*All about her new book, ‘The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail’.
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Show Notes:

*Learn more about Charlene here
*About Altimeter, the company founded by Charlene

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