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    My Brand-New Resource…

    Witnessing our current times, it’s evident that critical thinking is more important—and urgent—than ever.

    Our traditional institutions have failed us, conventional business models are floundering, and there is madness outside your door.

    Join me for a new conversation designed to break us out of mainstay methods of doing business and achieving impact.

    We are being called to something higher.

    Because right now we are actually—albeit in a strange way—being guided to make rapid progress forward.

    After three years of hosting my ‘Iconic’ workshops for business leaders, I’m now shifting to a brand-new message based on what I see we most need at this time.

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    My legacy for 2020 and beyond…

    Last week, I made the first public announcement of what is truly my ‘legacy play’ for 2020… and beyond.
    If you haven’t heard all the details yet on Glambition® Radio, you’ll want to listen to this powerful episode now, because it also reveals the big problem I’ve observed that led me to this creation. And I have a feeling you’ll relate to it. 

    On the show, I relay the fascinating NEW statistics that support what I’ve suspected for years — revealing why most of the entrepreneurial women’s ‘communities’ you find are designed for part-timers and beginners.

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    On dramatically raising your game…

    I’m still on a high from my #ICONICwithAliBrown event two weeks ago. The most common comment I received at the end of the event from each attendee was that their ‘game’ has been dramatically raised and they are looking forward to stepping into much bigger businesses and impact.
    We all had our minds blown by my friend and our guest speaker Cindy Eckert (a huge women’s health advocate who sold her company for $1 Billion). She shared her insights on thinking BIG, being resourceful, and being relentless when you have a goal.
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    When Shonda Rhimes came to AZ…

    You know who Shonda Rhimes is, right?
    She achieved almost everything a TV producer could hope for during her long run at ABC.
    She evolved into not only one of the most prolific writer-producers in the business, but also a mogul, as the founder and head of her Shondaland production company.
    ABC filled its entire Thursday night lineup with her shows — from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to ‘Scandal’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’.
    But there’s something I wanted to share with you here, because you can probably relate…
    She shared during an interview that during this time of ultimate success, she was also getting… restless.

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    My love/hate thing with Kanye West…

    One thing I love to do at my events is pull in pop culture examples of interesting business and success principles.
    For example, I have a love/hate thing with Kanye West.
    [Fun fact: He and I shared a celebrity house-call doctor in Los Angeles for several years. If you search hard enough online, you can hear a recording from a few years ago of my doc calling in to request a 5150 hold on Kanye. I think it’s somewhere on TMZ. Classy website they are!]
    I don’t really like Kanye’s music.

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    The problem with ‘news’ today…

    Years ago, we got our news in limited doses – a few TV or radio programs a day; the daily paper. That was it.

    Today, we are accustomed to a 24-hour assault on all fronts – online and offline, and even when you try to turn it off. (Just the other day I had to endure noxious TV news airing at an airport gate. As if we aren’t already anxious enough before flying.)

    The danger in this perpetual and often manufactured drama and outrage designed for our entertainment and to stoke our news addiction, is that we become numb to the news that REALLY does matter.

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