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    2021: Your year of the big vision

    As we approach the new year, something is abundantly clear: Nothing is going back to the way it ‘was’, so it’s up to us to think much bigger.

    Instead of reacting, responding, and pivoting your way into some tolerable form of success, I invite you to reimagine and create what could be your biggest vision EVER.

    We have no choice.

    >> I have found in my own long and varied entrepreneurial career that when I am frustrated, stuck, or restless, it’s typically because I have been THINKING TOO SMALL.

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    A special invitation…

    An exciting update and personal invite for you…

    A few weeks ago, my new network The Trust held its Official Fall Meeting here in Scottsdale, AZ. Given the current travel limitations, I was thrilled to still have over halfof our powerful new group fly in to meet in person. We also enjoyed seeing our other members join us virtually from all over the U.S. and the world. These women are incredible leaders of 7+8 figure businesses and movements who knew — as I did — that it was high time… time to emerge, to gather, and to lead.

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    Is there ‘light’ at the end of all this?

    Last night, I was fretting a bit over the state of the world—especially for our children—and then looked down to see this…

    I’ve had a gorgeous crystal floor lamp in the corner of my office for years, but have never seen light shine through the prisms in this way.

    It took my breath away. For me, it meant God is with us. Take a deep breath, stay aware, stay in love, and stay above all the noise. Fear feeds the problem, and fuels the enemy.

    Staying strong but ‘in peace’ isn’t easy, but it’s where we need to be.

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    Two inspiring women to listen to this weekend…

    Well we’re going into Labor Day weekend here in the U.S., and who would have known we are already in September. Also now that we are homeschooling the twins ourselves, there is a bit of a time-space continuum blur… is it a weekday or a weekend? What planet are we on? Agh…. Either way we hope to enjoy some R+R, and I hope you do too.

    Turn OFF the news and social, and stay above the fear-based messaging this weekend, for your own sanity. Take a few days to focus on things you love with people you love, and remember your blessings and brilliance.

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    Letting go of fear, and gaining hair…?

    Variety is the spice of life, and that speaks for our guests this week on Season 2 of my Web show #WeLeadLIVE. I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these!

    Here’s how to catch the replays of these interviews with two multiple 7-figure businesswomen you should listen to and follow (and we had a ton of fun)…

    Episode 3…

    ‘FEAR is not the boss of you’ says our guest, Jennifer Allwood, based in Kansas City, MO. And we need to hear this right now more than ever.

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    Catch these replays for #WeLeadLIVE…

    I’m happy to share two enlightening conversations that will provide relatable stories, actionable advice, and a reminder that none of us are alone as we chart next steps for our businesses and families during this crazy year!

    Season 2 of my Web show #WeLeadLIVE has launched! Here’s how to catch the replays…

    Episode 1…

    Founder + CEO of Ideal Wellness health clinics, Emily Countryman and I discussed how she’s navigated this year to not only sustain her multimillion-dollar business helping people look and feel great, but added an entirely NEW revenue stream to her previous business model.
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