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    We Are Hiring! ‘Marketing + Social Media Admin Assistant’ at The Trust — LOCAL Scottsdale, AZ position

    If you LOVE marketing and would like to be part of an exciting startup that empowers women business leaders, this could be the perfect position for you.

    The Trust® is a new, premier network for high-level female entrepreneurs, founded by Ali Brown — one of the world’s most recognized entrepreneurial coaches. We’re seeking a rockstar Marketing + Social Media Admin Assistant to support our team here in Scottsdale, AZ in carrying our membership and influence to the next level and beyond.

    Our mission: To accelerate the power of proven women leaders who are in positions to scale up + create impact.

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    The end of the ‘pitch fest’?

    We are getting more and more excited now that we’re less than 2 WEEKS away from my ICONIC 2021: Liberation event, and the momentum is building!

    I’ve been hearing from our registrants how much the idea of a conference like this intrigued them.

    Some of them were tired of those huge ‘rah rah’ events filled with beginners and B.S.

    Or they’ve been burnt by ‘workshops’ they had invested to attend and learn, but then realized the event was just a giant pitch fest with no insightful content whatsoever. (Infuriating, especially when you’ve paid well to be there.)

    Or you’ve grown tired of the same-old business building conversations, and while you are focused on growth, you also know this is about a much bigger game.

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    Only 20 seats left… is one waiting for you?

    Well the heat has finally ‘broken’ here in Arizona. We get all giddy when it finally drops below 80 degrees. It’s like our ‘first day of spring’ for those of you in the colder climates. We can finally tolerate more outside activities (besides dining under misters and hanging out at resort pools).

    Here’s a quick pic of my family on a fantastic hike last weekend! Best shot we could get on top of a mountain in blinding sunlight. 😉

    And this season change always brings me a surge of energy. I am beyond fired up for my ICONIC event in a few weeks, and wanted to give an update on everything.

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    Success on your own terms

    ‘Success on your own terms.’

    What does that mean to you?

    I remember hearing this concept over 15 years ago from one of my first marketing mentors, Dan Kennedy. He was a gruff older man who had many infallible opinions in general that didn’t jive with my own.

    (A staunch midwestern Republican was an unlikely mentor at the time for a then single, LA-based, feminist female.)

    But I listened. And I quietly took what resonated for me, and left the rest. (I respected that other human beings have the right to their own opinions, unlike many people feel today.)

    Because in the end, it wasn’t about what his terms were at all.

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    When your wish becomes a command…

    What’s the difference between wishing for something and seeing it become true?

    It’s more than thought. It’s incredibly directed thinking.

    Earlier today I did an Instagram Live with my friend and land investment expert Michelle Bosch, who shared her powerful story of immigrating to the U.S. from Honduras and creating her own American Dream.

    It was part of my series ICONIC Conversations Live, highlighting some of the free and different thinkers that attend my events.

    I want you to go listen to this conversation we had, because it became about so much more than investing.

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    Nature abhors a vacuum…

    How often in your career have you attended a workshop or participated in a course only to feel the burden of having to do MORE afterward?

    Rather than achieving the clarity and breakthroughs you’d hoped, instead you feel the weight of numerous new obligations hanging in the wings. (Isn’t that what you tried to get away from in the first place??)

    If you’ve hit a plateau in your trajectory, it’s only natural to seek the next best actions to achieve *insert your desired result here*.

    But what if the answer to correcting your stall is NOT to do more… nor solicit another’s advice… but to create + embrace radical ‘white space’?

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