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    When you’re ‘the smartest person’ in the room…

    You know what they say about feeling like the smartest person in the room… it means you’re in the wrong room!

    I hear this from many women at all levels of business, after they attend one of ‘those’ networking events or ‘those’ kind of masterminds. It may end up being a fun experience and you make a few girlfriends, but you don’t really gain anything new. 

    There will always be one last meeting you walk out of and think, ‘I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this’. 

    Maybe these groups have served you well for several years, but you’re feeling called to a new tribe operating at a higher level. 

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    We Are Hiring! *Content Marketing Writer* at The Trust®

    If you enjoy creating marketing copy + content that engages and attracts…  and would love working with an entrepreneurial organization that powers up women business leaders, this could be the perfect position for you.

    The Trust, the modern, premier network for high-level female entrepreneurs led by award-winning business mentor Ali Brown, is seeking a Content Marketing Writer to help take our outreach and membership to the next level and beyond.

    **Please note this is a full-time position, and we prefer this hire be based in the Phoenix area.**

    We are a small team with a big mission: We accelerate the power of proven women leaders who are in positions to scale up and create impact.

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    The Trust and Luminary Announce Exclusive Partnership to Support 7+8 Figure Female Entrepreneurs

    Scottsdale, AZ + New York, NY — The Trust®, a premier network for women entrepreneurs who generate $1M+ annually, and Luminary, an inclusive membership-based platform and collaboration hub for women, today announced an exclusive partnership to support high-performing female business owners. 

    “When I first conceived of The Trust, I envisioned having partnership spaces in major cities around the world. It’s thrilling to see this first milestone be reached,” said Ali Brown, founder + CEO of The Trust. “Luminary embodies the ethos of The Trust in a physical space, conducive to business brilliance, feminine leadership, and productive collaboration.”

    “Luminary is on a mission to uplift women forward through all phases of their professional journey,” said Cate Luzio, founder + CEO of Luminary.

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    A New Workshop for April 2022…

    I’m about to sign off for the Christmas + New Year’s holidays and after a rollercoaster year in our world, I’m more excited than ever about 2022 and beyond.


    It’s caused more of us to walk away from what in the past we ‘knew’ was true.

    We are abandoning long-held benchmarks, paradigms, and institutions we were beholden to live by and run our businesses by.

    As entrepreneurs, many of us (especially women) have been reinventing our categories — even entire industries — with brand new value systems that better represent what ‘success’ truly means for us.

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    Rates are going up – a time sensitive invite…

    If 2021 has shown us anything, it’s that there’s no ‘normal’ going forward. So it’s up to us to decide that NOW will be our ‘best’ time.

    And if you’re a female entrepreneur generating over $1M annually in your business, it’s NOW you should consider joining us in The Trust, our premier network for 7-8+ figure women entrepreneurs.

    Members of The Trust have made the decision to ‘seize the season‘, and despite uncertainty and shifting ground, many experienced their BEST years ever.

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    We Are Hiring! ‘Marketing + Social Media Admin Assistant’ at The Trust — LOCAL Scottsdale, AZ position

    If you LOVE marketing and would like to be part of an exciting startup that empowers women business leaders, this could be the perfect position for you.

    The Trust® is a new, premier network for high-level female entrepreneurs, founded by Ali Brown — one of the world’s most recognized entrepreneurial coaches. We’re seeking a rockstar Marketing + Social Media Admin Assistant to support our team here in Scottsdale, AZ in carrying our membership and influence to the next level and beyond.

    Our mission: To accelerate the power of proven women leaders who are in positions to scale up + create impact.

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