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    A.I. won’t be able to replace this…

    If you’ve been following along with progress in tech, you’re likely aware of how fast we are moving toward a world run by A.I. (artificial intelligence). 

    In fact, one local mom I met recently confided in me that what her business does is basically help her corporate clients see how they can replace as many employees as possible with A.I. 

    Some of this progress seems positive, as of course there are mundane jobs that could easily be taken over by tech, things people don’t want to do, and ways to incredibly shortcut time, money, and energy. 

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    How to turn ‘not knowing’ into one of your biggest assets…

    You’ve heard me share that creativity has been on a downward spiral in many areas of society as a result of profound information overload… as well as newly controlled narratives. 

    But what about in business?

    No doubt there’s been forced innovation in many areas, as we’ve had no choice but to come up with solutions, and fast. 

    Beyond that… there’s a good portion of things we just don’t know right now within our companies, our models, our markets. 

    And can I tell you a secret? 

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    The ONE simple shift you need…

    In 2018 I hosted a one-time workshop on creativity for entrepreneurs, after seeing so many of the women I worked with become locked into models that no longer served their futures.

    My objective? To identify and then completely disrupt any set ways of thinking around what their business should look like to be successful.  

    We sparked stimulating new ideas for their businesses using concepts from major creative companies like Apple and marketing from pop culture icons such as the Kardashians. 

    We took their current revenue models and then worked up at least 10 other ways they could be generating even more profits. 

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    Why I’m on ‘Team Ye’…

    One thing I love to do at my workshops is pull in pop culture examples of business and success principles.

    For example, I have a love/hate thing with Kanye West.

    I don’t keep up with much self-inflated celeb nonsense these days, but he’s one that can draw me back in, if I’m paying attention. 

    Because – love him or hate him – his creative genius is… OFF. THE. CHARTS. 

    I don’t really enjoy Kanye’s music. I don’t agree with many things he typically says or does. And of course, let’s not forget he can be a pompous ass. 

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    Welcome to the jungle…

    It’s the jungle of 2022. 

    And you already feel it’s different, right?

    Welcome to a new place where “normal” no longer exists.

    And frankly, it’s a good thing for you and your business.

    Because aiming for “normal” equals normal results – for you AND your clients. It also means ‘normal’ impact and ‘normal’ fulfillment. 

    That sounds, to me, incredibly stagnant. And boring. Zzzzzzzzz.

    I know you aren’t here to make an average impact, or offer mediocre services.

    But how do we break out of the box of ‘normal’, which we’ve been programmed to work within? 

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    Can I challenge you?

    You’ve probably been spending the past few weeks pushing into the objectives you’ve planned out for your business (and life) in 2022.

    And while things may be flowing along nicely, I bet there’s also at least one big challenge you may be facing.

    Maybe it’s a problem you keep trying to solve, or a question you keep trying to find the answer to. And it’s something you just keep bumping up against repeatedly right now.

    What to do?

    In the past, you’d think…. ‘Problem A needs Solution A’.

    So you’d go seek the answer.

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