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    When your wish becomes a command…

    What’s the difference between wishing for something and seeing it become true?

    It’s more than thought. It’s incredibly directed thinking.

    Earlier today I did an Instagram Live with my friend and land investment expert Michelle Bosch, who shared her powerful story of immigrating to the U.S. from Honduras and creating her own American Dream.

    It was part of my series ICONIC Conversations Live, highlighting some of the free and different thinkers that attend my events.

    I want you to go listen to this conversation we had, because it became about so much more than investing.

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    Nature abhors a vacuum…

    How often in your career have you attended a workshop or participated in a course only to feel the burden of having to do MORE afterward?

    Rather than achieving the clarity and breakthroughs you’d hoped, instead you feel the weight of numerous new obligations hanging in the wings. (Isn’t that what you tried to get away from in the first place??)

    If you’ve hit a plateau in your trajectory, it’s only natural to seek the next best actions to achieve *insert your desired result here*.

    But what if the answer to correcting your stall is NOT to do more… nor solicit another’s advice… but to create + embrace radical ‘white space’?

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    Hello From the Road + A Special Invitation for August 19

    What a week it’s been…

    I’m back from a birthday road trip to the coast celebrating my big 5-0 with my husband Brett. (Thank you ALL for the warm birthday wishes!)

    If you saw my recent IG Live done from the car last Monday, you heard me express my immense gratitude for life and what’s yet to come… as well as acknowledge the strangeness that we’re all experiencing right now. It’s an emotional, unfiltered share, and many people told me they got teary listening to it as well! You can find it here.

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    Success beyond reason…

    When you make your actions line up with what you believe is your destiny, you not only make amazing things happen, but amazing things begin to happen FOR you.

    But you’ve got to think beyond what past evidence would allow.

    Scientists studying quantum physics have documented that some particles can make radical ‘jumps’ without apparent effort… without covering all the bases between the starting and ending points.

    If you’ve been following along with the current 3D —> 5D ascension of the human collective, you’re aware of how much easier this will be going forward.

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    It’s time for… your great reset

    Don’t worry, I’m not referring to the current global agenda!

    But given this past year, are you suddenly taking a closer look at…

    where you are? where you’ve been? and where you think you want to go?

    You’re not alone. And it’s both business… and personal.

    Remember when you started your first venture? Everything felt fresh and new, and the world was full of opportunities. There were many great things ahead.

    But often, after even just a few years in business, things can feel a bit stale. Even if they are working wonderfully.

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    How to get out of your circle (and out of the ‘sausage fests’!)

    Is the company you keep expanding your growth and emboldening your work in the world?

    If it’s true that ‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’, consider if your current circles are a bit stagnant.

    Many women, without being conscious of it, end up landing in (and staying in) the same rooms and masterminds, year after year. The ones they are ‘comfortable’ in. They feel like family, and that’s great.

    But then, there’s a calling. They realize they can still attend those meetings and love those folks, but they also need to now be more strategic about seeking out curated, elevated rooms.

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