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    LAST CALL for my fall event…

    This is a courtesy alert, that as of later this week, it’s suddenly September.

    What? Yes. 😳

    And, may I call you out? 

    The year is only a few months from being over. 

    You know, this year!!

    The one you promised to do something different. 

    Maybe you have a big idea that’s been percolating that you haven’t had time for. Or you have been craving time and stimulation to work on some new ideas for your existing business. Or… you’re having an existential crisis with your current business model — no shame we’ve all been there.

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    The heavy secret I carried for years…

    Hello from Newport Beach, CA! I’m here for a few meetings and some time to clear my head before a very busy fall.

    I wanted to pop in with an awkward question… 

    Have you at times experienced more success than you had imagined?

    Even more awkward question: At times… does it feel like even more success than you deserve? 

    What a weird concept, right?

    But sometimes, for those of us who are natural entrepreneurs and leaders, it can feel that way. 

    I know that for me, during the peak of my online business success, I wrestled for years with a heavy secret… 

    I quietly felt that while everything was working splendidly, there was a higher level waiting for me personally — one that was going to look much different.

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    Have you heard this yet?

    It’s been great to hear all the feedback on my latest episode of Glambition® Radio, titled ‘It’s Time for the Revolution’. Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received on IG regarding the show and this powerful message…

    Have you been able to listen to it yet? If not, this coming weekend may be a great time to do so.

    This year, as I brought back my annual ICONIC event, I felt strongly called to give it the theme of revolution. And I explain why on this episode.

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    That ‘not so fresh’ feeling?

    Remember when we all started our businesses, everything felt fresh and new, and the world was full of only opportunities and excitement? 

    Like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, we just shouted ‘YES, yes, YES!’ 

    Doors were opening everywhere. New people and new places.. big ideas and fast action. Things seemed to manifest instantly. It was all so much FUN. And it seemed simpler then too. 

    Then, the years went by, and we got deeper into the ‘real’ world of business. We became older, wiser, and went through some rough spots. 

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    I had to pull over the car for this one…

    While driving to the gym this morning, I caught up on some podcasts. One of them I enjoy is about homeschooling (which I do with my 9-year-old twins). 

    The guest uttered a sentence that struck me so profoundly that I had to pull the car over to jot it down… 

    ‘God can do more with your surrender than he can with your planning.’


    I love that. And it has circled my mind all morning now. 

    This got me considering… could this also apply to us as entrepreneurs?

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    ‘Monkey see, monkey do…’

    Years ago — and I mean a looooong time ago… even in Internet years — one of the marketing ‘experts’ I spoke with on the circuit had a website with an opt-in box featuring a photo of himself smiling and pointing at the form. 

    He showed screenshots of it during his talks, and taught his students to do it. 

    So they did. 

    And then everyone did.

    Even though it was never specifically stated — let alone proven — that this feature would help their sign-up rates, monkey-see monkey-do.

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