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    How to get out of your circle (and out of the ‘sausage fests’!)

    Is the company you keep expanding your growth and emboldening your work in the world?

    If it’s true that ‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’, consider if your current circles are a bit stagnant.

    Many women, without being conscious of it, end up landing in (and staying in) the same rooms and masterminds, year after year. The ones they are ‘comfortable’ in. They feel like family, and that’s great.

    But then, there’s a calling. They realize they can still attend those meetings and love those folks, but they also need to now be more strategic about seeking out curated, elevated rooms.

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    A pandemic of another kind…

    A major observation I’ve had over my 15+ years of coaching and mentoring is seeing brilliant women try to solve their problems or evolve their businesses with the same mindsets that created them.

    And it happens to all of us at one time or another. Often, it’s not our fault, as we fall into success patterns that we simply repeat to grow. And, we’re not as continually exposed to other ideas as we should be.

    Yes, the world has forced many types of situational disruption on us over the past year, which has led to some innovation.

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    Remember this FREEDOM…

    As yesterday’s holiday here in the U.S. was Memorial Day, the concept of freedomhas been on my mind… in more ways than one.

    When I hosted my last ICONIC in 2019, none of the women entrepreneurs in attendance had any idea of what we would face just a few short months after gathering for this life-changing event.

    The year of 2020 brought with it immense challenges (limiting our freedom in many aspects), but also led us to tremendous opportunities.

    Now, as I share often with my clients, we are truly ‘built for all seasons’.

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    We Are Hiring! Growth Marketing Director at The Trust

    If you are a go-getter who enjoys driving *results* through creative, targeted marketing strategies… and would love working with an entrepreneurial organization that powers up women business leaders, this could be the perfect position for you.

    The Trust, the new, premier network for high-level female entrepreneurs led by award-winning business mentor Ali Brown, is seeking a Growth Marketing Director to take our membership to the next level and beyond.

    We are a small team with big dreams. Our mission: To accelerate the power of proven women leaders who are in positions to scale up and create impact.

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    You’re not here just to coast along…

    Don’t get me wrong… there are times for contraction, consideration, and taking things at a slower pace.

    But lately, there’s a sense of urgency in the air, and I wonder if you feel it too.

    It’s not related to speed, but instead unapologetically doing things very differently than those around you.

    Perhaps you’ve already heeded this nudge. Or maybe you’ve been in a holding pattern, waiting for a sign to completely reinvent your world.

    For some, that sign has been dramatic market shifts. For others, a major life event.

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    Walking away from the ‘normal’ path…

    I just wrapped an incredible week of meetings here in Phoenix, and while I’m on a total post-event high, I’m glad to be able to rest a bit today!

    I’m thrilled that more than half of our members of The Trustflew in to join us for a one-day Pop-Up Gathering, which I held by popular request — they couldn’t wait until our Official Fall Meeting in September! (Here’s a quick photo of some of our members who attended.)

    And afterwards, I spent two days with my private Premier Client Group, where we went deep on each woman’s business and gained so much wisdom from each other.

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