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    My Brand-New Resource…

    Witnessing our current times, it’s evident that critical thinking is more important—and urgent—than ever.

    Our traditional institutions have failed us, conventional business models are floundering, and there is madness outside your door.

    Join me for a new conversation designed to break us out of mainstay methods of doing business and achieving impact.

    We are being called to something higher.

    Because right now we are actually—albeit in a strange way—being guided to make rapid progress forward.

    After three years of hosting my ‘Iconic’ workshops for business leaders, I’m now shifting to a brand-new message based on what I see we most need at this time.

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    How to meet uncertainty with vision…

    Wow, what a week.

    It’s crucial to remember in times of ‘crazy’ that we can choose our response to uncertainty, and embrace the space to reflect, reprioritize, and be open minded to opportunity… to recognize and make the most of what IS in our control.

    You can see how I’m embracing this extra time at home with the twins on my Instagram here! And when you listen to today’s Glambition® Radio, you’ll hear how my guest is a great example of meeting uncertainty with vision to create her next big success.

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    Two days, 2,000 miles, and countless million-dollar ideas…

    And… that’s a wrap. What an amazing visit to Miami for our inaugural meeting of The Trust.

    Can I tell you… I am so glad we had this scheduled last week before things got a bit too insane all around!

    (Speaking of craziness, I just did a video via Instagram live (and also just shared on Facebook) on how as a business owner and leader, you need to — are you ready? — choose peace over panic.

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    How to disrupt yourself…

    My team and I are putting together final touches for our first-ever meeting for The Trust, happening in Miami Beach next week! Our special guest advisor Ellen Latham, co-founder of the $1 BILLION phenomenon Orangetheory Fitness, will be joining us to talk with us about scaling up our ideas in a big way. I’m over the moon to give access to our founding members to amazing leaders like these.

    It’s a bit surreal seeing this vision come true that I’ve had for a few years now: create a modern, premier network for 7- and 8-figure women leaders.

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    Love, Miami, and The Trust

    Happy Valentine’s Day – and now there’s also Galentine’s Day – and I’m losing track of whatever else we’ve invented… because I’ve been pretty busy working on a few amazing things that I wanted to make sure you knew about!

    1. This week’s #GlambitionRadio guest is driven by a singular belief that all children need and deserve high-quality learning opportunities, regardless of who they are or where they live. And the leadership lessons gained from this episode are worth listening to this episode over and over again.

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    The Power of Exclusion…

    Does the word ‘exclusion’ make you cringe? Is it because all the talk is about *inclusion* these days? Well, I get it.

    But here’s the rub: Exclusion may be the BEST concept you’ve put into your business in a long time, when it comes to selecting your market and your offerings in an ultra-focused way.

    Right now, more than ever, the ultimate poisonis selling to everyone. In fact, my not-so-pretty alternate name for this episode was… ‘The Mass Marketing Sh–show.’

    Here’s why.

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