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    Have we LOST all connection?


    Have you missed being around people? I have.

    Even little things like being able to go back to our quiet little spa gym seem like a treat. I was able to hit the weights twice this week and it felt great. (While I tried to workout at home, I just couldn’t get ‘in the zone’ to really do my thing.)

    And it was great to give a big smile and ‘hello’ to the other members who were there.

    I have a feeling that while we’ve seen virtual meetings boom during the last few months, in-person connections are going to be even more coveted in the next year or two.

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    Turning things around…


    I hope you and your family are hanging in there if your state is still slow to recover.

    Now that Arizona is reopening, we took advantage of enjoying our first family night out in quite awhile. The kids were so excited to go out that they changed outfits twice while getting ready. It was great to see other families out and about during our early dinner and gelato.

    (Lest you think my daughter is flipping you the bird in this photo, she’s showing off her Wikki Stix ring she made at dinner.

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    Seen, heard, and paid… even during these times

    Here in Arizona our stay-at-home order has been lifted, and we feel like kids out of school. (Wait – bad comparison, as our kids have already been home for two months!) I’m about to venture out to run a few personal errands I’ve been looking forward to for weeks, and that seems exciting for now. But I’m dreaming of some real travel soon.

    Sending some sun + fun to those of you whose states have been hit harder in this whole mess. And… I urge you to stay critically aware of what’s going on in your area.

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    The Future of the *Professional* Gig Economy…

    I hope and your family had a relaxing Mother’s Day. Celebrations of those we love and appreciate can really help to bring a sense of normalcy and gratitude back to life!

    My Sunday wasn’t too luxurious, as we had to pull prickers out of my nearly 7-year-old son, who fell straight into a cactus while riding his bike! (One of the hazards of the desert lifestyle here in Scottsdale.) We avoided urgent care, but the day went a bit downhill from there. (No pun intended.)

    Moving on, I want to share with you a powerful LIVE conversation I had this morning with one of my admired colleagues, Lisa Hufford, founder + CEO of Simplicity Consulting up in Seattle, Washington.

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    Permission for MORE…


    We are seeing ‘signs of life’ here in Arizona, which I’m thrilled about. It’s the first day the salons are open, and I’ll admit I was first on the books for a luxe mani/pedi. Ahhhhh.

    So happy to support my local business owners and feel great too! It was a great way to start the weekend.

    Have you noticed how conditioned you are right now to coping with ‘less’?

    In many ways that has been beneficial for us.

    But, it’s also OK for the underlying agitation and uncomfortableness to fuel you to create your own new, higher ground.

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    Opportunities within the challenges…

    I hope you’re finding much-needed opportunities lately to recharge where you can. I have to say that our family, like many
    others, has become more in love with the outdoors than ever before.

    This past weekend we drove up to beautiful Sedona, Arizona (less than two hours from Phoenix) for a change of scenery and to let the kids run wild and free a bit.

    Brett and I enjoyed being completely offline and ‘out of range’ in the woods, and we got our exercise in as well.  

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