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‘Align By Your Design’ Summer Show Flip #2— Glambition® Radio Episode 290 with Ali Brown

It’s ‘Flip the Script’ Summer here on #GlambitionRadio, so that means YOU get to hear the tables turned on ME… in four of the BEST interviews I’ve been on over the past year or two!


This week, here’s my interview by Baeth Davis on her fantastic podcast ‘Align By Your Design’. (Be sure to subscribe here.) Baeth and I openly talk about our journeys in the online business world, as well as hopeful ideas for what the future of business will hold (once we get through the muck).


—> Fun fact: Baeth bought the very first ticket to my very first workshop ever… back in 2005!

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‘She Talks Business’ Summer Show Flip #1 — Glambition® Radio Episode 289 with Ali Brown

It’s ‘Flip the Script’ Summer here on #GlambitionRadio, so that means YOU get to hear the tables turned on ME… in four of the BEST interviews I’ve been on over the past year or two!


To kick things off, here’s my interview by Lisa Larter on her fantastic ‘She Talks Business’ podcast. (Be sure to subscribe here.) Lisa and I agree on so many things, including the insanity taught within many of the brainwashed online marketing spaces. 


Not only is Lisa a solid coach and 7-figure business leader, she is also a past client and one of the founding members of The Trust.

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It’s ‘Flip the Script’ Summer! — Glambition® Radio Episode 288 with Ali Brown

Happy summer! The twins and I are packing to leave next week for our annual road trip through Southern California. So what am I doing with #GlambitionRadio while we’re gone? Something NEW and fun, and I’ve wanted to do this for quite awhile…


It started with many of you asking for more SOLO episodes – ones where I share more about my observations, advice, and stories from my experiences.


And I was thinking, well what’s the next best thing to doing a summer series of solo episodes?

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The Old Way vs The New Way — Glambition® Radio Episode 287 with Ali Brown

Right now there are battles going on around the world, on every level, in every way. But they are also a mirror for what’s going on within *ourselves*.


We are trying to solve problems with the same mindsets + systems that created them. And we are caught in an endless loop of madness. I do see and feel that so many are finally realizing that a *massive change* is needed. But… how does that apply to YOU, and your world of creation? 


It’s been a while since I did a solo episode of #GlambitionRadio, so I wanted to start the summer with a bang!

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Becoming ‘Alpha Femme’ with Melanie Ann Layer— Glambition® Radio Episode 286 with Ali Brown

It’s the women who are doing business differently, in an extraordinary way. And there’s one particular ‘Alpha Femme’ epitomizing this movement: Melanie Ann Layer of Quebec, Canada. 


Starting as an ‘invisible coach’ in 2017, whose name was shared solely by word of mouth, Melanie’s business and Alpha Femme brand quickly grew – without a website, podcast, viral videos, ads, or a best-selling book. 


She is known for her unique approach to feminine leadership and wealth energetics, but it started with one big shift after a job loss which led to a bankruptcy.

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‘Let It Be Easy’ with Susie Moore— Glambition® Radio Episode 285 with Ali Brown

Can it really be… this… EASY? Our guest today says YES… even if you’re in the midst of what feels like a struggle. I have to admit, I’d known OF Susie over the years and felt like I already ‘knew’ her. But then we finally talked (on this episode)! There were SO many things I wasn’t aware of that make both her story and her attitude incredibly rich and inspiring.


Susie spent much of her childhood growing up in domestic violence shelters, driving her to vow that one day she’d create a much different life for herself.

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Healing Women Physicians with Dr. Sunny Smith — Glambition® Radio Episode 284 with Ali Brown

After being so overworked with up to 80 hour weeks that she fell into a 10-day *coma*, Sunny Smith, M.D., vowed to not only change her life, but the life of the other female physicians in the same situation. But the true ‘how’ didn’t appear before her, until another unfortunate accident years later (while biking in Moorea)  forced her to once again not only slow down but also consider her next chapter. And that is precisely when she discovered the incredible skill-set of coaching. 

Soon after, Sunny founded Empowering Women Physicians, the most comprehensive and collaborative coaching program for women physicians that has been documented to decrease burnout, increase professional fulfillment, and increase self-compassion. 

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Doing Business ‘Backwards’ with Emily Aarons — Glambition® Radio Episode 283 with Ali Brown

As high-achieving women, we often don’t consider how much we’re operating in our *masculine* energy. And we assume that business is supposed to feel hard — and even at times unenjoyable. Could there really be another way? And if so, would it actually feel ‘backwards’ compared with how we’ve been trained to do business? 

But today’s Glambition Radio guest, Emily Aarons, is all about making quantum leaps in your business *without* more hustle. It all changes when you learn how to tap into your feminine energy, trust your intuition, and give yourself permission to say ‘NO’ to the tactics and strategies that feel out of alignment. 

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Launching the Lash Revolution with Anna Phillips of The Lash Lounge® — Glambition® Radio Episode 282 with Ali Brown

LASHES… they’re everywhere, and now many of us can’t go without them. They’ve become a lucrative category within the business of beauty. But where did this eyelash extension trend come from in the first place, when did it happen, and who really took it mainstream? 

Meet Anna Phillips, founder and chief innovation officer of The Lash Lounge, who first spotted the semi-permanent lash opportunity that had just arrived from overseas back in 2003. And she’s sharing her WHOLE story today on #GlambitionRadio! 

After testing out her own salon doing nothing but lashes, she knew it was time to lead the U.S.

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A.I. won’t be able to replace this…

If you’ve been following along with progress in tech, you’re likely aware of how fast we are moving toward a world run by A.I. (artificial intelligence). 

In fact, one local mom I met recently confided in me that what her business does is basically help her corporate clients see how they can replace as many employees as possible with A.I. 

Some of this progress seems positive, as of course there are mundane jobs that could easily be taken over by tech, things people don’t want to do, and ways to incredibly shortcut time, money, and energy. 

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