Angela Allison, CEO + Co-founder of Wine Society — Glambition Radio Episode 165 with Ali Brown - Ali Brown

Angela Allison, CEO + Co-founder of Wine Society — Glambition Radio Episode 165 with Ali Brown

Wine in a CAN. But a slim, cool, sexy can. Delivered to your door. Stay with me here. How do you know when an industry is due for disruption? And that your idea will really take off? In this episode of Glambition Radio you’ll learn how Angela Allison decided to launch her unique subscription-based wine business, Wine Society, after a career that spanned from graphic design to nursing.

Since their launch in January 2018, they are shipping to just under 40 states, now retailing in major grocery stores like Kroger and Albertsons, and been spotlighted in mainstream magazines like Us Weekly.

What I was most impressed with during our interview was hearing not only how Angela first saw this opportunity but more importantly how clear she and her team have gotten on their ideal customer.

Angela reveals how taking a leap of faith and surrounding herself by the right people went hand-in-hand with her success in this insightful episode of #GlambitionRadio.

On the show we discuss:

*How Angela’s career path went from graphic design to interior design to nursing to… wine! (This should give hope to all you career wanderers.)

*How she saw the opportunity to make drinking wine easier (and less formal, expensive and intimidating) but in a different way than boxed wine (and for a different market).

*How well Angela knows her target customer, and why that makes their marketing, advertising, and partnerships convert so well.

*Why they made “counter-worthiness” a priority when designing their cans (even though the majority of their sales are subscriptions)

*Why they decided to give LESS choices than more, offering only a few simple blends instead of a multitude of wines

*The surprising response she got when she asked for mentorship and guidance in the wine business

Listen to this episode of Glambition Radio now (or download it for later). And check out Wine Society’s online subscription at and look for their products in select states.

Xo Ali

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