Join me and Ivanka Trump in 2016…

If you’ve been following my focus on helping more women LEAD, you’re witnessing the wonderful opportunities I’m coming into as a result.

And my biggest joy is being able to share them with you.

Here is one growth experience coming up soon that you can participate in from anywhere in the world, and I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership is dedicated to helping women rise to become the leaders they are meant to be, and it is launching a Six Month Masterclass starting in January that promises to change the conversation on women’s leadership forever. [Read more…]

Sharon Lechter, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and financial literacy expert on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Sharon Lechter 2 - Glambition Radio Only a handful of books has had the global impact of Sharon Lechter’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. Although it was first released in the late 90s, the international bestseller Sharon co-authored with Robert Kiyosaki continues to change the conversation and our relationship with money.

On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, Sharon tells us how she went from a traditional CPA job to becoming an architect of the Rich Dad and The Napoleon Hill Foundation mega-brands, the author of over 20 bestsellers, and one of the founding members of the President’s Advisory Council for Financial Literacy serving both President Bush and President Obama. [Read more…]

I took this course, and so should you…

fpbannerRight now, everyone and their mother has a “free training” to offer you, but I want to grab your attention for a minute by sharing a free training that is simply AMAZING.

It was truly life changing FOR ME.

And it will be for YOU too.

It’s led by women’s transformation leader Claire Zammit, Ph.D.c., and when I anonymously dialed in just a few years ago to listen to what she had to say (before I even knew who Claire was), I was blown away. [Read more…]

Janine Allis of Australia’s “Shark Tank” TV Show and Founder of Boost Juice on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Janine Allis - Glambition RadioJanine Allis didn’t know what to do with her life, so she literally searched the world to figure it out. She taught candle making in San Francisco, worked as a nanny in France, sold timeshares in Spain, and played hostess on David Bowie’s yacht before she returned home to Australia and launched Boost Juice — a juice bar that grew into a multi-million dollar franchise spanning 20 countries with 6,000 employees.

And Janine never went to college (or “uni” as the Aussie’s say). [Read more…]

“Elitist? Feminist? Success-ist? Or Just an Alpha-Female?”

2d6f3d3After being scrutinized for creating a by-application-only, selective dating app for successful women and men called “The League”, CEO Amanda Bradford is finally responding to her critics and haters who have labeled her as an “elitist”. 

In her words she describes what had been happening since the product’s inception: “I told myself I was just obeying wise adages: ‘ignore the critics’, ‘focus on your users and your product’, and ‘no press is bad press’, but by refusing to respond, I essentially let the media go on to corrupt our concept into one so superficial and optimized for clickbait that it’s nearly unrecognizable to me now.” [Read more…]

I’m coming to the UK!

flagAre you in the UK or would like to come visit me there?

I’m thrilled to announce that the renowned organization Damsels in Success is bringing me over the pond to keynote their annual IGNITE! conference, November 14 & 15, 2015, in Birmingham, England.

This is coming up in just a few weeks, so I wanted to let you know as soon as possible. Also, you can grab an early bird discount here—but only through the next few days.

The Damsels are an inspiring community, dedicated to help professional women support each other, create successful careers and businesses, and focus on self-care versus sacrifice. [Read more…]

Jennifer Lawrence Pens Essay on Hollywood Sexism… and Why at First I Didn’t Care”

_86101261_jenniferlawrence_apI have to admit when I have seen titles on “Hollywood Sexism” in the past I have responded with a slight eye roll and complete non-interest in reading about super-rich stars complaining they are making less than other super-rich co-stars, etc. (Yes, it’s not fair, but c’mon… you still made $20 million for a movie.) BUT…

…once I read Jennifer Lawrence’s new post, I realized she isn’t blaming the industry. She is blaming herself and taking responsibility in the future for asking for what she is worth in the market. She knows she needs to become a better businesswoman. And I respect that. [Read more…]

Jessica Shortall, author of “Work. Pump. Repeat.” on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Jessica Shortall - Glambition RadioAs Director of Giving for Tom’s Shoes, Jessica Shortall made a career of building business-giving models that would change the world. But, when she returned to her full-time job after maternity leave – literally pumping and dumping breast milk all over the globe – she realized her next mission would be to improve the lives of working moms.

On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear why Jessica thought it was critical to write Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide To Breastfeeding And Going Back To Work. [Read more…]

Samantha Brown, Travel Expert and Host of the Travel Channel’s New “50/50” Show, on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Samantha Brown - Glambition RadioYou’ve seen her on the Travel Channel for 15 years now, but you’ve never known travel host Samantha Brown like you will on this week’s Glambition Radio.

We go “behind the scenes” into her story, her incredible career, what travel REALLY means to her, and how her new twins (boy-girl and same age as mine!) have changed her life.

Samantha’s big break as a TV host happened while she pursued an acting career. A producer spotted her work in a commercial and recommended her to the Travel Channel in 1999 to audition for a new show being developed called Great Vacation Homes. [Read more…]