SHINE 2011 Conference with Ali Brown — Deluxe Set

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Wednesday, 8:30am
To: Entrepreneur, Solo-preneur, or Small Business Owner,

In November 2011, close to 500 success-minded women entrepreneurs traveled to Dallas, Texas to experience a reinvention—of their lives and their businesses. They came to SHINE. And, by the end of THREE transformational days together, these women walked away empowered and enlightened by what happened behind closed doors at this event.

Created by award-winning entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown, SHINE® was simply unlike anything ever experienced. It was an opportunity to gain valuable insights from remarkable real-world entrepreneurs, while learning concrete business-building strategies. And SHINE 2011 was hands-down Ali's BEST SHINE ever.

For many entrepreneurs, 2011 was a challenging year. Many of you weren't able to attend SHINE LIVE, but now YOU can immerse yourself in ALL of the transformational content—all from the comfort of your own home.

NOTE: Audios and transcripts are provided on a thumb drive for your convenience.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, you can add this collection of powerful business growth formulas, marketing strategies, and inspirational keynotes to your success library! You're about to learn ALL you can get in this powerful program.

After launching her first business from her tiny NYC studio apartment in 1999, Ali has grown it into what is today a multimillion-dollar enterprise that has ranked in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the nation. Ali's events, programs, and mentoring have helped thousands of women create, redesign, and expand their businesses to dramatically increase their incomes—and often while working less than before. Today Ali dedicates her life's work to helping women worldwide step into business leadership.

Ali was named one of 2010's Enterprising Women of the Year and was named one of Forbes' Women to Watch. She was also named one of Ernst & Young's Winning Women for 2010 and a winner of the StepUp Women's Network's Commitment to Philanthropy award. Ali has been featured as an expert in the New York Post, Investor's Business Daily, and on TV, including CNN Headline News, Fox Business Network, and ABC News Now. She was also featured in the season finale of ABC's Secret Millionaire, during which she lived in poverty, volunteered in some hard situations, and then gave away $100,000 of her own money to some of her community's most deserving organizations.

Ali created SHINE to lead entrepreneurial women through their own reinvention at all levels via an exciting LIVE them new ideas, tools, and strategies to propel their businesses and lives to new heights. SHINE delivers an exclusive combination of insight, information, and business formulas that can be found nowhere else. In fact, Ali guarantees it.

We've entered the most exhilarating time in feminine history. Women are poised for more opportunities, more rewards, and more happiness and fulfillment than ever before. And if you're the type of woman who needs to see the proof in the pudding, look no further than the powerful SHINE program and speaker lineup.

Each expert speaker at SHINE has a unique, personal story behind their success. You'll find out what it took for each of them to overcome the odds and build the empires of their dreams, while creating extraordinary lives they love.

"Your 7-Step Reinvention Plan... for Your Definition of Success"
with Ali Brown

The traditional definition of success is changing. While in the past it's been a more masculine model based on achievement and accumulation, women are now leading the way in redefining success to be about our own individual values. And in business it's no exception. The shift is happening: think cooperation versus competition, destiny versus domination, purpose versus procurement, and richness versus wealth.

Ali will walk you through her brand new 7-step plan for women to revisit their values, redefine success, reinvent themselves, and enjoy more income and freedom than ever before. Whether you're already a million-dollar business owner or you're just getting started, this groundwork will get you on the right path to success... the path for you!

"Changing the World with Our Bare Hands"
with Dermalogica and joinFITE founder Jane Wurwand

How One Woman with $14,000 Grew a $200 Million Company, Empowered Over 75,000 Entrepreneurs, and is Creating a Worldwide Movement for Women

U.K. native Jane Wurwand started her skin care company in 1986 in a small Los Angeles classroom with just $14,000. From there she grew it into what's known today as Dermalogica: the #1 choice of skin care professionals worldwide. With revenues of over $200 million a year and customers in over 80 countries, Dermalogica is prescribed more often than any other product on the market.

As Jane's company grew, so did her concern for women worldwide when she learned that 66% of the world's work is done by women, yet 70% of women in the world live below the poverty line. We earn only 10% of the income being paid, and own just 1% of the land in the entire world.

So in January 2011, Jane created joinFITE — Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship — a global empowerment platform powered by Dermalogica and Kiva, the nonprofit leader in microfinance. For as little as $25, one can help fund a woman's business to help her and her family. And because women are shown to reinvest 90% of their earnings into their families, this phenomenon is not only changing lives but beginning to shift entire cultures and economies. Leading thinkers in social development, including the World Bank, hail investing in women as "smart economics," an untapped resource that can help solve many of the problems we see in our world today.

Don't miss hearing Jane's inspiring story on how one bright idea from one woman has created a true movement that is helping women worldwide. (She's also a hoot—no boring talk here. You will LOVE her!)

"Women Who Mean Business Panel: Learn How They Took Their Ideas to the Top!"
with Ali Brown, Forbes Riley, and Deborah Brenner

It's the big ideas that make the big bucks — flashes of inspiration that can lead to financial freedom. And when the "a-ha" appears and is acted upon, life is never the same again. But how do you know your eureka moment will turn into a profitable enterprise? How do you feel the fear and do it anyway? How do you get started when you have NO money? In this lively panel discussion, Ali opens the floor to acclaimed author and founder of Women on the Vine Deborah Brenner and award-winning TV host and SpinGym founder Forbes Riley for answers. These are entrepreneurs with various businesses selling everything from products on TV to products in stores to services for businesses.

"3 Stages of Growing Your Business & Income"
with Ali Brown

When you're running a business, it's difficult to see how the challenges you currently face fit into your overall business strategy. What is your next step? What exactly are you working towards? This insightful session will help answer those burning questions. You'll learn about the 3 stages of business growth, how to identify which stage YOU are in right now, and what it takes to move to the NEXT level. Whether you're just starting out with only one client, or run a multi-million dollar business, prepare to get clarity and direction so you can keep increasing your income, and enjoy your next level of success.

"9 Strategies to Boost Your Income NOW: Customized Advice Based on Where You are in Your Business"
with Ali Brown, James Roche, and Joy Chudacoff

As a business owner, you are really doing 100 jobs at once, and it's often impossible to choose which should come first. You could be going to networking meetings, making calls, balancing your books, marketing on Facebook, writing your blog, creating a new product or service, working on your website...the list goes on and on. (And that doesn't even include your family or having a life!)

In your business, you may think you are focusing on the right things, but… how do you really know? And, even more challenging... How do you know what to focus on NOW, and what to put on the shelf until later? In this session, Ali and renowned business coaches James and Joy Chudacoff will share their fresh, easy-to-understand formula that will actually give you a crystal-clear perspective of your business—your individual situation—as well as the specific action items you need to grow to the next level. You'll leave with relief and clarity in your next steps to success—and income!

"Steps to Success: Business Ideas to Model"
with Ali Brown and James Roche

Are you feeling trapped in the business model you've chosen? Are you looking for ways to add more income streams to your business and dramatically improve your profits? In this session, you'll hear from a children's book publisher who incorporated a Train-the-Trainer model into her business, a nutritionist who authored a book and leveraged other mass media to dramatically extend her reach, a Singaporean entrepreneur who left the cubicle to launch a seven-figure seminar business, and more. These are real-world entrepreneurs that have coached with Ali and James by their side for an entire year, and you'll also get a sneak peek into YOUR opportunity to grow your business with this dynamic duo as well.

"LIVE Business Makeovers"
with Ali Brown, James Roche, and Joy Chudacoff

Watching others receive mentoring for their business can prove to be extremely valuable to YOUR business. In this powerful session, you'll experience Ali, and business coaches James Roche and Joy Chudacoff in action as they conduct laser-coaching sessions with a few lucky entrepreneurs from the SHINE audience. You'll likely relate to the obstacles these real-world business owners are up against and share their questions about what they need to do to PUSH through. Best of all, you'll hear concrete solutions from this trio of renowned coaches that you can apply to YOUR business right away.

"Moving Out of Fear, Stepping into Faith, and Receiving Financial Freedom"
with Ali Brown

Do you feel that you're doing everything you're supposed to do to take your business to the next level, but you just aren't getting the results you need? Have you also tried putting on the right "mindset", but it's just not all coming together? Well, get ready for a turnaround. Based on Ali's years of personal work with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, she's arrived at the specific steps one MUST go through in order to step into their next version of themselves.

You see, business IS personal... for women. And it ain't always pretty. Entrepreneurship comes with risks, leaps, growing pains, and a huge requirement for courage and faith. The good news is, if you know what to expect, you'll move forward with more ease and grace. For the first time ever live on stage, Ali will share her personal and succinct steps to move out of fear and use faith to uplevel your business, income, and life.

"Million-Dollar Mom-preneurs: A Panel Discussion on Mission, Money, Moxie, and Motherhood"
with Ali Brown, Heather Howell, Nacy Traversy, and Liane Weintraub

There's likely no better lifestyle choice for moms than running a successful business from home. But how to get started? And how have the moms who've made it big done so while still being great moms? This panel brings Liane Weintraub (founder of the fast-growing organic snack company, Tasty Brand), Nancy Traversy (CEO of independent children's book publisher Barefoot Books), and Heather Howell (C-TEA-O of Rooibee Red Tea) together to discuss mom-preneurship. You'll hear how they created the businesses of their dreams while raising kids, the bumps along the way, and their biggest advice to you. And, most inspiring... these women all created businesses based on their children's needs.

"Becoming a Woman of Influence: The Feminine Call to Leadership"
with Ali Brown

Are you a woman of influence? You are, whether you know it or not. If you are reading this, you are participating in a pivotal point in history. After thousands of years under the rule of the masculine, the world is crying out for a return to balance. Witness the uprising of tyrannical governments, the implosion of archaic business models, and the misery of an abused Earth. Women have the opportunity to be the calm in the storm, the voice of reason, the empowerers of the people, the nurturers of the helpless.

We are the mothers, the lovers, the healers, the color of the world. All women are called to leadership, whether it's stepping up in business, taking a more prominent role in your community, or simply being a role model for our daughters and sons. We are ALL women of influence, and during this session Ali will share her prophecies for women and the steps we must take now in our own lives to empower ourselves, those around us, and women around the world. This closing session was nothing short of magical!

"Turning Facebook into Fans and Cash" with Kate Buck Jr.

It's a whole new marketing world out there in the social media landscape. And if you're still playing by the old "blast and broadcast" rules, your audience won't just ignore you... they'll push back! In this session, renowned Social Media "Fly Girl" and consultant Kate Buck Jr. shows you how to strategically map out your Facebook marketing campaign, using Facebook ads and its sophisticated tracking abilities to attract thousands of new leads...and most importantly, turn them into SALES. Best of all, it's all FREE!

"Million-Dollar Webinars: Your Strongest and Simplest Sales Tool" with Lewis Howes

Creating an "event" around the launch of your new product or program is the best way to secure a slew of sales. And webinars WORK... take it from Lewis Howes, deemed one of the "50 Most Influential People in Blogging" and an online entrepreneur who's produced 7-figure launches. Learn the ins and outs of this powerful online sales tool during this insightful session. You'll not only learn how to use webinars to generate more leads, traffic, and sales, but you'll see how Lewis used them to break 6 figures and then 7 figures!

"Get Yourself and Your Business on TV, on Radio, and in Print" with Eli Davidson

How would you like to get yourself on The Today Show, into the New York Times, and your own column in The Huffington Post? Success coach and press maven Eli Davidson did just that... all by herself! PR is by far the best FREE vehicle out there to reach the masses fast and create a windfall of response. Learn what you can do today to get attention from the media and skyrocket your profits — from radio and television and print to online media as well. You'll learn insider secrets on how to get media exposure with NO budget, and it's not as hard as you think!

"Get Clients Right Now: Fast Paths to Money in Your Pocket" with James Roche

Many women start a business because they want to do something they love – be it coaching, consulting, personal training, dog grooming, you name it. But what comes with being in business for yourself is having to get business for yourself. The good news is getting clients doesn't have to be painful or a struggle. All you have to do is set up the right process, and commit to it. Let renowned business coach James Roche help you discover how simple it can be to attract clients on a regular basis using strategies including referral programs, online prospecting, and offline marketing as well.

"Top 3 Secrets to Turn Your Passion Into a Money-Making Business" with Joy Chudacoff

Do you have a big idea or passionate dream you've been secretly holding on to? Not sure how to make it happen or even how to turn it into a money-making business? Business coach Joy Chudacoff (heralded as "The Coach for Women") understands exactly where you are and she's ready to help you make your passion a reality. Waking up ready to greet your day with passion and energy comes easily when you're doing something you love and making great money doing it. It makes a huge difference in the quality of your life and a gigantic difference in your bank account!

Joy will share her 3 Secrets to Turn Your Passion into a Money-Making Business. These are the same 3 secrets she used nearly 7 years ago to turn her big idea into a consistent, money-making business. Whether you are daydreaming about your passionate big idea or you've taken some steps to get started, Joy will put you on a path to success!

"Got an Invention? How to Evaluate It, Get It Produced, and Out to Market" with Jim DeBetta

At some time or another, everyone has an idea for a product. Have you ever been watching the home shopping channels or an infomercial and thought, "I could invent something like that!" Well, let's get started! This insightful session with product development and sales guru Jim Debetta will help you understand the proper steps to determining if your idea will fly, having your product made and learning how factories work, licensing options, and even how to get your product into big-buy stores like Target as well as on TV showcases like QVC and HSN.

"Create Your Own Gorgeous Website—Fast and Easy—with WordPress" with Christina Hills

Are you finally ready to get up a website that you love and will attract clients and customers like crazy? Frustrated with your webmaster taking too long to get your website built? In this session, Internet Marketing expert to non-techie entrepreneurs Christina Hills will show you how to use WordPress—an easy free tool—to create your website. You'll also learn the creative process involved in integrating your marketing message with your website. Whether you're building a sales letter, opt-in landing page, membership site, coaching/consulting site, site for your retail store, or a blog, or just a regular website, this content is for you! Don't delay in getting your passion and your message out to the world.

"How to Get Financing for Your Business... and Negotiate Win-Win Deals" with Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Need money, Honey? Don't worry... you CAN get money for your business -- even if your concept is new or your business is small. Let career expert and co-founder of SixFigureStart career coaching Caroline Ceniza-Levine show you 5 different ways to finance your business, each with several options to choose from. You'll also learn how to negotiate effectively, so you get what's best for you and keep a great relationship with your backer. (And you can also use your newfound negotiation skills with your clients, vendors, and more.)

"Get RADICAL: 7 Steps for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life" with Doreen Rainey

Clarity of your purpose, passion, and goals puts you in the best position to achieve the results you want. Prepare to be empowered by Doreen Rainey (RADICAL success coach and CEO of Empowering Moments), who will teach you her 7 foundational "radical" strategies to help you decide which leaps you want to make in your business and your life - and then get the guts to go after it. You'll learn how to apply these steps to any area of your life; ways to deal with your "inner gremlins"; how to bounce back from disappointments, failures, and setbacks; and how to maintain support and encouragement when taking your radical steps.

These are no-fluff sessions, chock-full of practical tips. In fact, those who attended the sessions LIVE at SHINE are STILL raving about how much they were able to implement from each session.

"This was my first time at SHINE, and I must say I've been BLOWN AWAY. Ali Brown is a true visionary. She just has that ability to connect with women on a deep level. She attracts women who are going places in this world, and I'm so happy to have been influenced by her brilliance. I really look forward to utilizing the knowledge that I gained at this event."

–Dr. Susan Mathison, Fargo, N.D.,

"I am SO ready to take [my business] to the next level after this year's SHINE. It was my first time attending, and what an amazing, transformational time I have had! I'm over the guilt of being a working mom. I'm over the fear of taking my business to the next level. Thank you, Ali Brown, and your team for the wonderful opportunity I've just experienced. The ROI of this event is absolutely amazing!"

–Lourdes Balepogi, Miami, Fla.,

"I've been following Ali for years, but this is my first time at SHINE. And, I don't think there's any other place in the world where, as a women entrepreneur, you can get this kind of information on EVERY aspect of your business, from the mental obstacles, to the implementation, the marketing strategies, everything. SHINE has just been fabulous! Thank you, Ali!"

–Karen Draghi, Alexandria, Va.

"I showed up here at SHINE with my wife as her FREE guest—and I was a little skeptical initially. Previously, I've pursued academic education through classical institutions and universities. And what I've found extraordinarily compelling about SHINE, is that Ali and her team teach EXECUTION. So, while I've learned a lot of the theory previously, execution makes ALL the difference—and Ali and her team provide this information in a clear, compelling way. They've interacted with thousands of entrepreneurs, so they know what is important. So you can focus on exactly what YOU need to do in order to maximize your revenues and your profits. I'm extremely surprised—and I'm honestly surprised there aren't more men here!"

–Eric Kreider, Boulder, CO,

"I'm here at SHINE 2011—and this is something you don't want to miss. I've had so many takeaways, but one of the biggest takeaways I've had is realizing who I am, why I do what I do, and why that's so important to the rest of the world. Sometimes we forget why we're doing it, we forget that we need to play BIG so that others have permission to play big, and I got that here. I believe that women who thrive in their businesses and love their lives, raise empowered children. And I want to say thank you to Ali and all the speakers and panelists who inspired me!"

–Aprille Trupiano, St. Louis, Mo.,

"I can't say enough about how much Ali and her work has transformed my business and life. I've gone from a numbers-phobic, creative hippy who couldn't work out how to get enough income to quit my cubicle job to the CEO of a half-million dollar a year company. It's beyond my wildest dreams...

Our mailing list has grown to a massive 24 000. I'm financially free. My family is free to live the life we wish. What's more—it's all learnable. It's all doable... I thought business people were born, not made, but Ali has shown me a whole other way. She is a beacon of light… a master of business and marketing who shows you exactly what it takes to create the business of your dreams. I'm living proof of just that."

-Leonie Dawson, Queensland, Australia,

1. VIDEO DVDs of All Main Sessions

DVDs of SHINE 2011 main sessions are included. (You'll also get to enjoy all the fun – it's like you're right there in the room with Ali and all the amazing guest speakers and entrepreneurs, taking in the "a-has" and experiencing the positive energy.)

This 13-DVD set isn't any boring "speaker standing behind the lectern" video. Ali invested in a 3-camera shoot and professional editing, so you see on screen exactly everything you'd see if you were there, including the PowerPoint slides. You can watch them on your home DVD player or on your computer.

2. AUDIO MP3 of All Sessions (Main and Breakout)

We know that many of you mostly have time to listen instead of watch (especially the mom-preneurs out there who are in their cars often, driving the kids around). That's why included in the SHINE 2011 Deluxe Set are over 20 hours worth of audio recordings of the sessions and breakouts.

SHINE 2011 was professionally recorded in crystal-clear stereo, and for your convenience, we've pre-loaded the audios onto a USB Flash Drive. You can listen to the audios on your computer, or transfer them to CD and play from your home stereo, car, or any CD player.


Follow along with your SHINE videos and audios with this 3-ring BINDER, filled with PowerPoint Slides of main sessions and breakouts. This is the first time we're offering the PowerPoint slides from SHINE 2011 to the public—and you'll find that having the main points and ideas highlighted and ready for note-taking will help you soak in the great information shared even more!

4. PDF TRANSCRIPTS of All Sessions

Even better, we've had every SHINE session transcribed for you, so you can read all the information, too! Your USB Flash Drive contains the PDF transcripts from the live main sessions and breakout sessions that took place behind closed doors at SHINE 2011.

"If you're not 100% satisfied with my SHINE 2011 Conference Deluxe Set, just contact my team to let us know, and return the material in resalable condition within 60 days of your purchase. We'll give you a full refund; no reason necessary.

And that's my promise! "

Ali also wants to make sure you have ONGOING support and updated information on a regular basis. That's why she's also giving you an opportunity to try a membership in her Success Club®! This exciting program delivers...

You don't have to wait -- your membership benefits will begin as soon as your purchase is complete. This offer is optional, but if you accept, your credit card will automatically begin being charged only $9.97 a month for this great value. If at any time you want to cancel your membership, simply let us know via phone or email and we will stop your membership immediately.

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