The week I lived on welfare…

Just a few years ago, I was invited to be on an ABC show called Secret Millionaire. Were you able to see it?

During the weeklong shoot, I was stripped of my identity, lived on welfare wages of $55, and volunteered in some emotional situations. And at the end of the week I gave away $100,000 to some really deserving people in my community. It was quite an experience.

When you watch that episode (which aired as the Season 2 Finale, and you can view it on Amazon), you will see me transform before your eyes.

People ask me, “Wow Ali, was that experience hard for you?”

And they typically look stunned at my answer, which is…

Actually, I didn’t want to come back.”

THAT is how I knew something was wrong with my life. [Read more…]

It’s time… for a Revelation.

Last year I released a groundbreaking VIDEO about my personal path with my “higher power”.

It featured me and my family, and my talking about my relationship with Spirit.

It received more views and positive response than anything I’d ever done.

And it led to a pivotal call I hosted on how to INSTANTLY regain this power in your own life. [Read more…]

Jenny Fenig, Author of “Get Gutsy” on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Jenny Fenig - Glambition Radio_v1My client Jenny Fenig was living the glitzy and glamorous dream of every young executive, complete with a six-figure income, high-powered job, and fantastic Manhattan apartment. So why did she give it all up? On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear what made Jenny “Get Gutsy” and find her passion, her secret to earning more and working less, and why she’s decided to help women entrepreneurs find the courage they need to break free and find their true calling.

Jenny spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder, and it looked like she had it all. She broke the six-figure glass ceiling in her job as a conference producer, and was living with her husband in a luxury apartment overlooking the Hudson River. But, something was missing. She tried to fill the void with Coach bags and Happy Hours, but shopping and alcohol addictions weren’t the answer. And the long hours she put in at the office were suffocating. When a business trip to Las Vegas forced her to celebrate her 30th birthday alone in a hotel room, Jenny’s inner voice told her loud and clear that she wasn’t living the life she was supposed to live. And she vowed to make a career change. [Read more…]

Money is the new ‘it’ topic for women (free training)

kendall-summerhawkThanks to sites like Daily Worth, women and money has become the new “it” topic for women to master. Suddenly, it’s cool to be talking about money, especially if you’re a woman entrepreneur and you love coaching or empowering others.

This topic is close to my heart, so I wanted you to know about my longtime client Kendall SummerHawk’s free training webinar “Money Breakthrough Coaching Secrets“, coming up next week.

Her money teachings are nothing short of incredibly powerful.
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Lori Crete, The Esthetician Mentor, this week on Glambition Radio

Lori Crete - Glambition Radio_v2

The tragic events of 9-11 caused former flight attendant Lori Crete to change the direction of her life. She left a steady paycheck to pursue her dream of working for herself in the beauty industry, and now she’s The Esthetician Mentor. On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear how Lori turned tragedy into an opportunity for change, and how her Six-Figure Esthetician System is transforming the lives of thousands of women in the beauty biz. 

Growing up, Lori had a fascination with “all things beauty”. When she was a little girl she played with her mom’s eye shadows and lipsticks, and when she was a teenager she took on the role of “official” family hairstylist. Never dreaming she could make a living at what she loved to do, she took a job as a flight attendant and worked for American Airlines for 13 years. But, after losing friends and colleagues on 9-11, Lori decided it was time for a big change in her life.  [Read more…]

“5 Rules to BREAK in 2015… With Ali Brown on Glambition Radio ” by Ali Brown

Ali Brown - Glambition RadioHappy New Year! I hope you had a fantastic holiday season! I took a few weeks off to be with my family here in Scottsdale, Arizona, and while Brett’s mum was visiting us from Australia. The twins are now 19 months old, so it was a really fun Christmas because we could see their excitement when they saw their new toys under the tree.

Now, bring on 2015! Wow… 2014 was a wild ride for many of us… a “bridge year” for us to get clear on who and where we want to be, and what we want to create in 2015. (And, even more strongly, what we DON’T want to be or do or have in 2015.) There was a lot of letting go for many of us.

Some of these realizations may have been painful, but they pointed us in the right direction. Get ready for a powerful new year, and as my gift to you, I’m going to dive deeply today into something I feel is critical for women as they are stepping into their business growth and the power of becoming a leader…

It’s not more rules to follow, but rules you have to BREAK. Yes you… you bad girl, you. You are going to be a RULE BREAKER.

[Read more…]

Up your sales in 2015…

blairIf you’re like me, your holiday plans will include some quiet time to think about what you accomplished in 2014, and set new goals for 2015.

Increasing your sales is sure to be at the top of your list of goals, so you should know about a way to learn to up them quickly with the Sales Explosion Program developed by my friend Blair Singer.

Blair is a bestselling author and Rich Dad Advisor, and has helped companies and entrepreneurs in over 20 countries increase their revenues by 15-85% in a matter of weeks.

In his Sales Explosion Program, Blair will accelerate your learning by giving you exercises that will help you REALLY “get” the lessons he is teaching. You’ll even have a chance to earn money during the program. [Read more…]

Geri Stengel, Author of Forget the Glass Ceiling, this week on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Geri Stengel - Glambition RadioWhen Geri Stengel’s corporate bosses nixed her suggestions, she decided to share her good ideas with small business owners instead, and make a handsome living doing it. And today corporations like CNBC and Dell hire her for her research and expertise as well. On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, Geri tells the story of how she struck out on her own, became an expert in women’s entrepreneurship, and why she never stops reaching for the brass ring. 

Geri had it all planned. Her dream while in school was literally to go “work in a large corporation, live in Manhattan, and wear fancy clothes”. She got what she wanted, including a job with Dow Jones, but abandoned it all when she lost her taste for the corporate world’s slow pace and lack of innovation. On the show, she tells the story on how she made the leap and left to become a freelance consultant, helping small businesses write their business plans and develop strategies to raise money. Geri has since become an author, speaker, teacher and advisor, a regular contributor to Forbes, and was named a 2012 and 2013 Small Business Influencer for her expertise on the success factors of women entrepreneurs. [Read more…]