“6 BOLD Ways to Start Breaking Away From The Pack” by Ali Brown

Old Way, New WayWhen Brett and I were looking at homes here in Scottsdale, Arizona (well, I was waddling around six-months pregnant with my twins), we fell in love with one in particular.

It was the exact style I loved—kind of a Mediterranean-Southwest mix—one level, on nearly two private acres (which, after city living for so long, seemed huge to us), with a beautiful pool and yard for the children. And there was a casita in the back for my mom to come join us. All the boxes were checked!

We pulled up into the circular driveway, walked in the front door, and entered the grand rotunda foyer to speak with the realtor.

Then, something UNUSUAL happened… [Read more…]

Are you highly sensitive?

Are you a person who is very spiritual by nature, but you feel like you have to keep that part of you separate from your business success?

Well that’s most likely because you are what my client, Heather Dominick refers to as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

Not sure what that is? Watch Heather’s video to find out… and learn how you can use your HSE talents to support your business success. [Read more…]

Cheryl Shuman, Leader of the Medical Marijuana Movement, on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Cheryl Shuman - Glambition Radiov3Meet the woman who is probably our MOST controversial guest yet here on Glambition Radio, and she’s known as “the Martha Stewart of Marijuana”.

Her name is Cheryl Shuman, and I’m having her on this week’s episode because she’s a very bold, very interesting leader, on a mission that’s gained a TON of legal and media attention in recent years. 

Cheryl has been pioneering the way to legalize marijuana and shift our perception of it. She’s bringing attention to its benefits, the most popular being comfort and pain management to people who have cancer, AIDS, and other health conditions. And she’s created a lucrative business as well with her own local Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, along with consulting, PR, and media for cannabis-related businesses. [Read more…]

Paula Rizzo, Author of Listful Thinking on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Paula Rizzo - Glambition RadioMaking lists seems like a simple thing to do. But, making the right lists (and learning how to put them into action) is critical to success. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my lists! On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, you’ll hear how ListProducer.com founder Paula Rizzo has taken list making to a whole new level. And why her book, Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed will forever change the way you live and work – and how much you will get done.

Does it take a lot of effort (and stress!) to do the smallest things? And does the clutter in your inbox and the chaos on your calendar get in the way of your big ideas, life goals and success? Paula discovered that successful people make lists. From Ben Franklin to Madonna, John Lennon to Richard Branson… most CEOs and entrepreneurs have all used lists to keep track of their thoughts and tasks. [Read more…]

Time to re-work it?

“You have been thinking one way. Now you have to think a different way.”
~ Joseph Campbell

Once you make it into the multiple six-figures or seven, a shift happens.

You realize you “get” the model. You get the steps. You get the blueprint.

But you know there’s something more.

And it’s not just higher revenues.

You know there are ways to step into higher LEADERSHIP and be of higher service.

You also know there are OTHER women out there who want to grow and lead like you.

And you’d like to know WHERE those women can be found.

They’ll be at my upcoming REPOWER WORKSHOP. [Read more…]

Denise Brosseau, author of “Ready to Be a Thought Leader?” on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Denise Brosseau 1- Glambition RadioIt seems everyone today likes to think of themselves as a thought leader. But what does that really mean? And is a thought leader the same as an expert? (Our guest says NO, and she’ll explain why.)

You’re about to meet the woman who has made it crystal clear for me. And she will for you! Denise Brosseau is author of Ready to Be a Thought Leader? And by the end of this interview on Glambition Radio, you’ll know if you are ready.

During the dot-com boom, this Silicon Valley gal went from being an almost completely unknown non-profit executive to being the “it” girl on the business speaking circuit. Her expertise in venture capital, high growth, and women business owners made her a highly sought-after speaker by the media, international conferences, universities – and even the White House. Her knowledge turned her into… a thought leader. [Read more…]

Time to ditch the “formula”?

One thing I’m really enjoying right now is cooking. (Yes, I know that may surprise you. I was the queen of takeout in my single days.)

But working with food takes me out of my “business mind” and puts me in my feminine and creative mind. And into family mode.

However, I will admit… I am not a great cook.

I rely solely on recipes to get by!

If you find a good recipe and follow it exactly, you have the best chance of getting a great result.

I learned the hard way when I tried to add my own “spin” on things too early, it would NOT result in a great meal. (My hubby Brett can attest.)

But, after a few years, you know you’re a “real” cook when you can ditch the recipes and start whipping up your own stuff. You’ve built a solid foundation, and you have confidence in making your own choices and taking smart risks.

And I see a similar process to growing your business online. [Read more…]

Inspire prospects to say YES on the spot

lisaMy friend and past client, sales conversion expert Lisa Sasevich, just released a brand new ebook, “Boost Your Sales: How to Use Irresistible Offers … Without Being Salesy“, and I wanted to let you know about it.

You’ll discover simple steps you can apply right away so you’re ready to make your “Irresistible Offer” and inspire an on-the-spot YES whenever you encounter an ideal client … (online or offline)

Lisa IS one of the best sales trainers out there, whose work I’ve gotten to know well. I still send clients to her often when they need the strategies that work. [Read more…]

“My Prediction of the HUGE ‘Launch Bubble’ That’s Coming Fast… and How to Surpass It…”

I was thrilled to see such a rush of comments and support for Part 1 of this series, which you can read here: Rumors, Lies, and Industry Goodbyes…”

A brief synopsis: Our online world seems to be valuing perception over reality.

Gross over net. And “bigness” over all else. My personal experience with how laying off two team members turned into a nationwide rumor I was “going under” was a humorous and perfect segue into looking at WHAT exactly is going on right now.

I shared that story because I thought it would resonate with many of you, and based on the response, I was right.

(Of course there were the odd few who said my post was “defensive” and not necessary. I always chuckle when people share their opinion online that they don’t think you should share your opinions online.)

The last year or two I have been a bit quiet and just doing my thing, but I am going to be sharing more posts about things I feel strongly about.

And Part 2 of this series is to address the insane congestion we are seeing online. And the “launch bubble” that we are already entering into.  [Read more…]