Jessica Mindich of Caliber Collection on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Jessica Mindich - Glambition Radio1Would you wear jewelry made from illegal guns in inner-cities? What if your purchase actually helped get these guns off the streets? And what if the jewelry was actually super cool? And made by a super cool woman? Enter Jessica Mindich, former corporate litigator turned changemaking jewelry designer and activist, whom you’ll meet on this week’s episode of Glambition Radio.

Jessica uses shell casings and pieces of illegal guns from actual crime scenes to create the jewelry in The Caliber Collection, which has to date taken more than 1,000 guns off the street and raised approximately $100,000 in buyback and amnesty programs for police departments throughout the country. [Read more…]

If you do consulting, please read this…

Most everything that professional consultants have relied on in the past to acquire high-quality clients has completely lost its effectiveness.


You see, most consultants are still operating under the “old rules” of how they should grow their businesses — which completely contradict with how their clients want (and need) to be sold in this day and age.

What used to be “normal” for consultants, like:
– Relying on referrals
– Chasing potential clients
– Showing up for networking opportunities
– Trying to be “everywhere” online

…are now the exact opposite strategies of what consultants should be doing to grow their venture to a high-six or 7-figure consulting business. [Read more…]

Coming to Australia…

Brett and I are getting more and more excited to bring the family down to Australia in March! (Trying not to think about the 14-hour flight with twin toddlers though. ;))

And I’m delighted to share that my first-ever official workshop in Australia is filling up fast.

If you’re making or on track for seven-figures or more, take a look at my Repower Workshop happening on March 14&15 at the beautiful Four Seasons Sydney.

It’s a unique leadership retreat for serious entrepreneurs who want an intimate environment to strategize and collaborate on their next level of success and impact[Read more…]

Dorie Clark, Branding Expert and author of “Stand Out” on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Dorie Clark - Glambition RadioAfter college, Dorie Clark enrolled in Harvard Divinity School looking to learn more about life, but it turned out her path would be showing others how to get the most out of their lives and careers.

And the experts have taken note. Her book “Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It” was named by Inc. magazine as the #1 Leadership Book of 2015.

On this week’s episode of Glambition Radio, Dorie explains how she made a name for herself as a branding expert by helping herself stand out, and then showing others how to do the same for themselves.  [Read more…]

Client referral for you…

If I had a possible client referral for you today, would you go through these stages in your mind?

1. Excitement… which, after you set a time to talk, turns to…
2. Anxiety or even dread… regarding what to say on the phone!

If you’re like most coaches and consultants, you’ve probably been “winging” these types of calls for years. Some you ace, and others you hang up knowing you could have done better.

Perhaps you’ve tried scripts but they feel stilted and out of integrity.

Well, I’d like you to meet one of my longtime clients, Heather Dominick. She teaches a specific structure for these types of conversations. Not only does the format WORK, but I really feel you’ll actually enjoy the process. [Read more…]

Create Wealth in 2016…here’s how

BarbaraSDo you believe building wealth is something other women can do, but not you?

Does it seem like an overwhelming task…or completely out of your reach?

Then there’s someone I’d like you to meet.

My client Barbara Stanny, the leading authority on women and wealth, can show you how to become a Wealth Builder in the New Year. [Read more…]

Working with me in 2016…

When entrepreneurs reach a certain level, they often know it’s time for a new, and different kind of coach and mentor.

But what they want can differ.

Some want specific strategy and planning help throughout the year.

Some simply want an elite confidante who understands where they are and who they can talk with through opportunities and challenges.

Some want a boost stepping into greater impact and leadership.

And some understandably simply don’t want to be part of larger or highly publicized group programs anymore as they have achieved a greater level of success.

These are exactly the women I specialize in working with.

And if this sounds like you, I have two opportunities available: [Read more…]

Get the BEST of Glambition 2015 right here!

My beloved Glambition® Radio is about to enter its third year as the TOP podcast for, by, and about women entrepreneurs. It’s my favorite passion project of all time. Not only for being able to have powerful conversations with amazing women leaders from around the world, but for being able to bring them to YOU.

Thank you for all your feedback and support for the show over the past year!

In case you missed them, here are our 6 most popular episodes of 2015. These women will change the way you do business and live your life. You are going to LOVE them! (One of these was my own show that was our most-downloaded one ever. Thank you. It seemed to strike a nerve. Read on below…) [Read more…]

I’m Coming to Sydney, Australia, this spring!

I’m bringing my Repower Workshop to Sydney, and we are now accepting applications!

It’s a workshop of a different kind, focused on high level strategy and leadership—for those of us who have achieved a certain level of success already, and are ready for a powerful event of a different kind to plan our futures.

It’s happening March 14 & 15, 2016, at the stunning Four Seasons Hotel overlooking Sydney Harbour.


You see, once you make it into the seven figures, or even high six, a shift happens.

You realize you “get” the model. You get the steps. You get the blueprint. It’s working.

But you know there’s something more. [Read more…]